I’m not usually one for holidays…

But it just happens to be the 2 year anniversary of when I started this blog!

I choose to celebrate because I have a long history of unfinished projects. Several novels. Journals. Crafts. Sentences.

So just the idea that I’m still writing after 2 years is quite an accomplishment, especially that I’ve remembered my password this long! Actually I have to reset it quite often but anyway…

In honor of myself, this auspicious occasion, the blog not fizzing out and dying I wanted to recap a few of my favorite posts, what I’m working on for the next month or so and then a present.  I’m completely revamping the easy parts of this blog. Tags, Categories, correcting mithspellings misspellings. Even fixing some of the broken links from the early days o blogging. I know my generation is supposed to be the best at writing codes and can seemingly create websites over coffee but I am not one such person. My home got the internet when I was 15. And it was dial up. I didn’t have a personal computer until my freshman year of college. I didn’t get my own cell phone until my sophomore year of college. I’m technologically stunted (compared to my peers at least).

So I have no earthly idea how to make this blog or any other website all pretty and customized. Someday I’ll figure it out, bribe someone to do it for me (I make great brownies (from a mix…)) or just be content with the way it looks now. I’d jump all over redesign right now except busy busy busy.

In fact, here’s what I’m doing this summer:

-At least 2 photo shoots for antique car tours/events

-The end of job #2 because the store is going out of business

-New Executive Director at job #1

-Continue the fight to save our Public Library where I volunteer and run the marketing efforts

-Interview with famous chef & writing subsequent media coverage

-Possible trip to Kansas (my homeland!) for weekend with friends

-2 more months of freelancing class online

-Another project list

I’m also looking for new events, locations and businesses to profile for my newspaper. I have 4 or 5 in mind so I need to have a sit down pitch meeting with my editor.


Now, a few of my favorite posts:

The culmination of too much energy, stubbornness and internet accountability: 99 Things in 99 Days

Learning about delayed gratification in my first house purchase: New House, No Debts

Looking back at how I felt losing my Grandma to Alzheimer’s Disease and One Year Later

What it’s like to be in my head after working 38 out of 72 hours, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I love photography because it captures in ways words cannot express the beauty all around us – like this garden


I enjoy writing here and am always surprised y’all are reading. So a big thanks for reading, commenting and subscribing! While the majority of this blog is just for my own amusement I’m glad that other people are enjoying (or secretly mocking) my writing.

In a few hours I’ll have a new update including my first giveaway! If you want to make sure you don’t miss out use the RSS feed to subscribe and when I post you’ll know. It’s like magic!


PS I’m writing from home this morning because my dog Jackson was attacked last night by two dogs. He’s going to be okay but the vet said he’s lucky he didn’t lose his eye. So if you think of me say a prayer or send good thoughts as I deal with Animal Control, filing a report and getting an 80 pound dog to take his medicine.