Despite its odd configuration, the office is one of my favorite rooms. While it started with alternating purple and green walls and then went dark green, today it’s much brighter and lighter.

All the new changes started in 2014 when I replaced the ceiling fan. I’d already scraped, sanded and repainted the ceiling, but the ceiling fan installed shortly after moving in seemed to have a problem with bulbs. Light bulbs lasted, if I were lucky, a week before burning out. So I hired an electrician to replace the ceiling fan with a new one here:

photo(1)It runs silently and provides much more light than the old model so that makes me happy! Those dark walls had to go so I pulled out the primer and repainted the walls, a new custom paint color that’s mint but greenish-blue. You can read all the details in this post:


The room looks much different than the days of floor to ceiling bookshelves and furniture crammed in but I’m loving the lighter feel and spaciousness. The walls have some of my favorite prints as well as pin boards, a giant canvas and my wall organizer.

The desk will never move from this room because it’s so big it has to be disassembled to fit out the door.

In 2015 I replaced the carpet with the same laminate flooring as the rest of the house and I love it. A big rug softens up the space a little and my overstuffed white Ikea chair makes a comfy place to read or plan.

Like the other bedrooms I removed the closet doors and put in curtains in their place so I can open up and see the whole closet at once. As much as I love the room as it is right now everything must come out soon as I do some drywall patching, more trim and work on the window so expect new updates and pics in 2017.



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