Master Bath

The master bath started off pretty rough and to get it looking good and had to start with a clean slate so I demoed the cabinet, sink, light fixture, toilet and floor. Getting new floor tiles in was the first step and since the house will eventually be a rental I’m not installing high end designer floors in any room. I found super cheap, clean neutral tiles from Home Depot and installed them in a diamond pattern.



Once the floor was done it was time to install bead board and trim:

2014-02-27 (07)

After the trim was all in we re-installed the toilet and the pedestal sink:


The walls are a light blue and all the trim was painted the same white as the doors and baseboards throughout the house.

The electrician installed a new light:

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (13)

In addition to changing out the vanity light we added a can light in the shower stall and love how bright it makes this little alcove.

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (10)

The only problem is that now I can see what poor condition the trim and floor pan is in and want to rip out the walls and re-tile the shower stall.

FullSizeRender 4

I use 2 Raskog carts from Ikea for storage and they fit nicely on either side of the sink. I love that there’s plenty of room in here, someone can easily navigate to the sink and toilet in a wheelchair. By having removable storage it makes it a lot easier to keep this bathroom accessible.

When it came time to rehang the mirror I decided not to have such a big one that wouldn’t fit easily between the light fixture and new trim. So I picked up the Krabb mirrors from Ikea + extra holders and installed them across 2 walls:

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (12)

On the far wall I decided to install a bunch of sea inspired prints, canvases and artwork:

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (19)

And hung my antique letter press to hold all kinds of bits and bobs:

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (01)

Across from the toilet and sink there’s this great built in cabinet which allowed me to lose that clunky vanity while maintaining a lot of private storage:

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (07)

The inside was pretty rough so I caulked the seams, used some oops paint from Home Depot and put down contact paper on the shelves:



And now:

Bathroom 4-29-2015 (03)

Once the rest of the room was finished I was able to tackle these cabinets and get them organized with the things I use most.

Bathroom 4-29-2015 (02)

Bathroom 4-29-2015 (01)


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