Living Room

The living room is the first thing you see stepping in the front door and it’s very much the center of the house. Yet for years it was too dark due to no overhead lighting except a small skylight and the unfortunate choice of brown wall paint.

So in 2014 I decided to make a big change in the living room starting at the top. With a borrowed scaffold and my trusty ladder I covered the walls in plastic and the floors in paper and tackled the vaulted ceilings and completely removed the popcorn texture.

I won’t lie, it was a mess and a bitch to do. Removing it was fine but then there was clean up, sanding, cleaning again and painting.


But when it was all done it looked fabulous. This kicked off a series of changes including new wall paint, a fireplace touch up and working on the trim.

The new paint color is much lighter: Dolphin Fin by Behr:


and I painted over the old fireplace tile with a darker gray paint though kept the mantle white:


The new couch arrived in December 2014 and that giant canvas over the couch is 4’x4′ and I’m working on a design for it.


In 2014 I inherited an old dresser and sanded the reddish finish and then used it to replace the Ikea TV bench. I also hung the TV up on the wall which has made the configuration much more spacious.


I still use the two mint green velvet chairs I picked up free and painted and they remain the most comfortable seating in the whole house. I’ve done other small projects like replacing the front door frame and adding new baseboards and trim in order to get this room where it is today.

Here are links to some of the projects in the living room:

Next Projects

  • Roll out the new rug for this space once the bookshelf and baseboards are done
  • Get the fireplace working
  • Replace the window and frame it out

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