I’ll be the first to admit that my kitchen is tiny. It’s like a small galley but the only thing that saves it from feeling claustrophobic is that it’s open with 3 windows, a bar that leads into the living room and a side open doorway to the dining area. That said, it’s still small!

While I didn’t have to scrap the ceiling in here I did remove a big, clunky florescent light and added can lights to make the room feel bigger. In 2014 I painted the walls gray and in 2015 I replaced the flooring to match the rest of the house.


While I lived with a garage sale fridge for a couple years I bought a new one in 2015 as well as replaced the dishwasher. The faucet you see in the picture above was way too low clearance and I could barely fit a pot under it to fill. Thankfully I installed a new one in 2016 and will have pics soon.


Really, there’s not much more to do in here except keep the drawers and cabinets organized and clean. Someday I’d like to replace those windows with more energy efficient models but they’re doing okay for now.

Here are some of the updates and upgrades: 

New dishwasher in May 2011

New fridge/freezer in May 2015

Replaced the food disposal in the sink

Replaced the faucet in the kitchen in 2016

Put down new laminate floors over the old flooring in 2015

Goals to “finish” the kitchen: 

  • Re-seal the corian countertops at the seams
  • replace the stove/oven combo


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