Hallway & Closet

Hallways are boring, I admit. In late 2012 I scraped the popcorn texture off the ceiling and got it painted. I’ve decorated a bit with two bright prints from Freecycle and collage frames with some of my favorite prints.

While I’ve been working on painting the doors throughout the hallway, I also spray painted the door knobs, since I like the look of white doors and dark hardware. The knobs are pretty unique so if I had to buy something else not boring it would run me $30-40 each door. And I have six doors so it was a win all around.

After working on the ceiling I turned my attention to the closet. The top has just one shelf with medication and carpet cleaning supplies. There are a bunch of jackets here that I need to donate but storage is limited because the ceiling has access to the attic.

2013_08_19 (02)The bottom of the closet held the kitchen table’s extra leaf and the vacuum. The problem was it was really hard to get in and out.

2013_08_19 (03)

So I pulled everything out, including the baseboards and decided to paint the walls a fun color using Kilz primer (the same one I used to transform the outdoor chairs). But it was a bit… bold.


So I repainted it using all the cans of test paint that I didn’t use throughout the house.


I had Toby install an outlet in the closet so I could plug in the lights and a vacuum cleaner. It’s a great central location so I don’t need to drag around the vacuum cord all over the house.


You can also see that I took out the carpet and put in vinyl floor tiles to match both the bathroom floors but when I started installing the new floors in 2015 I carried the new vinyl into the closet:


I did a little clean up of the baseboards and caulk and finished it:


The lights were replaced with a LED rope light from Amazon. It goes around the door and up around the shelf and ceiling to provide more light in this dark little space.


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