Guest Room

The guest room has received a top-down, 100% remodel since I moved in. The ceiling was scraped and painted and then I changed up the walls from bright blue to a more neutral greenish-blue.

In 2015, I tore out the carpet and installed these gorgeous hardwood floors all the way through the room + closet.



I reinstalled the baseboards all the way around the room + closet and then updated the door frame – quarter round is coming soon to finish off the trim!

While I started out with a twin bed in here, in early 2012 we moved Grandpa Truitt to a new home that would better take care of his needs and we had to take out all the furniture or sell it. At the time I took Grandpa’s queen bed frame and mattress for the guest room and Mom and Dad took home the twin bed. I’ve since replaced the mattress (a switch-a-roo when I got a new one) and the bed is super comfy.

Flanking the window are my two old Ikea bookshelves which I bought back in 2006 and between them the old foot chest (a gift back in ’07) that I’ve painted white.

Next to the bed I added another Ikea Kallax 2×4 organizer to hold my fabric projects when I’m not sewing. Inside the closet sits the desk that matches the living room dresser and more great storage space.

Overall the room is done but with lots of clean up projects going on I haven’t had the time to clear it out and take new pictures lately.

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