Guest Bath

This bath is located off the hallway, tucked right behind the living room and it started off with pink cabinets, a horrible floor and ugly bathtub. I first painted the walls a beige just to cover up the pink and then started finding new fixtures. For example, I found three matching silver frames and we hung them during a work-a-thon Memorial Day weekend in 2011. This awesome set of was just $60 at the local Thrift Store:

and two smaller ones like these:

During the summer of 2012 we also replaced the older model toilet with a new, low flow one.

Next to the sink is the tall cabinet with six shelves, plenty of room for my storage needs. It holds all the towels, bathroom bottles and spare toilet paper.


Later, during the summer of 2013 I tackled the floor by removing 2 layers of laminate floor and scraping all the glue and paper off the subfloor. Then I painted with Kilz to prime it for new laminate tiles.


Using the same tiles and diamond pattern as the Master Bath and you can see it going in here. Since the floors have just the concrete subfloor if I were to install ceramic tile it would create a lip from the hallway. With these tiles there’s an even transition.


In 2015, two big changes happened. First, I tore out the old sink and cabinet and brought in a new one during a long weekend and then due to the damage on the drywall I began to dry skim the walls to prepare for paint. I detailed dry skimming adventures in this post.


Once the walls were done I painted them the same light blue as the master bath and then installed beadboard and trim. I put all the details in this postOn the left wall I added towel hooks and kept the small organizer for toilet paper, soap and such:


Above the sink I also replaced the fancy mirror with a basic white one that came with the sink/cabinet since I needed to cut the trim around it and will likely take the silver mirrors with me when I move.


For now this room is “done” but I do have a few projects to finish in 2017.

Upcoming Bath Projects

  • Install a can light in the bath
  • Someday remove the bath surround and tile all the way up to the ceiling

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