The house has a pretty standard 2 car garage with not a lot of room once you add a 19′ long car to a 20′ long garage. Over time I’ve been able to break up the garage into big “zones” to keep it organized.

The Laundry Area

Food Storage outside is really nice because my inside cabinets are not overcrowded. I have a small chest freezer and the top cabinet has all my booze.

Pantry added here by dear old dad, my little overachiever, who took my sketch and created a custom pantry with adjustable shelves. The only thing I vetoed was doors as it would take up too much room.

Storage is all over the place in this room – you can see these gorgeous cabinets with glass fronts installed by Dad. He “saved” them from the dumpster at work and they came out of chem lab at a school undergoing renovation. My brother and Dad have the same cabinets in their garages too!

You can see these small glass jars are a great storage solution, I found them thrifting for 16 cents each and they hold all of my nuts, bolts, screws and nails.

These metal shelves were another gift from Dad to store all of my tools, camping supplies, seasonal decorations and dog stuff. Nothing is labeled but I can find whatever I need.

On the other side we have these handy tool hangers so I can keep my cleaning and garden tools organized. We added some hooks for the extension cords (electric lawn mower, leaf blower and string trimmer remember) and since the ground is mostly dead space, hung my bike from the ceiling.

I do keep my trash cans inside so I can put out recycling and trash anytime day or night without the dogs freaking out. It never gets smelly and I typically put them out for pick up every other week.

The middle of the garage will soon have a 1970 Cadillac (once I finish payments) but until then I’ve got a couch for the dogs, an old Ikea chair and a make shift work station for painting baseboards (propped up on containers full of Christmas decorations)

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