My Home

This blog serves as sort of a photo diary of my home. It was in pretty rough shape on the first walk through and has been a long process of updating. Our closing process was hellish, something I talked about in this post. We closed in November 2008 and had even more problems with the house in the first month.

My parents co-invested in the property and have been a great resource as I continue to revamp the space. I never guessed I would want a half-plex but love that my utilities are much lower than in a home with similar square footage. The woman who rents the other half from that owner is a sweetheart too!

This page used to be a very long photo record but got to be too long and unmanageable so I split it so each space has its own page. Just click on the image below to see the details.

Living Room Branded

Office Branded

Master Bedroom Branded

New Master Bath pics now up!

master bath remodel

New Main Bath pictures are up!

Bath 4-4-2015 (02)

Kitchen Branded

Hallway Branded

Front Yard Branded

Dining Room Branded

Backyard Branded

Guest Room Branded

Garage Branded

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