My Garden

I love to plant new flowers but really hate how I forget the names and details about what I’ve planted. Thus this page to visually track what I’m planting so next time I’m shopping for flowers I don’t sound like a complete idiot asking for ‘the pink ones with the petals… and leaves…”

Front Yard

The Sidewalk

The walkway here has roses. Lots of roses. I’ve cut them back somewhat recently because they are getting out of control. This is the most prolific breed? brand? type:

There are six rose bushes, two like this pink tipped one, one yellow, two orangish (below) and one deadish.

Large Planter Box

Pansy– the survivor flower

Specs: 6+ hours of daily sun, water 3 times weekly

Ranunculus – winner for best use of vowels

yellow ranunculus

these bloomed and were beautiful, especially when cut

Specs: 8+ hours of daily sun, water 2-3 times a week

Verbena (aka Obsession Blue with Eye) – best aka

Specs: full or part sun, long blooming

Dianthus – best use of ‘thus’

Specs: annual, full to part sun, moderate water

Celosia– best pointy flower

Specs: 8+ hours of sun daily, water 2-3 times weekly

Basil – best smelling

Specs: full son, harvest leaves to encourage growth, let soil dry before adding water

Small Planter Box

Impatiens – best in the shade

Container Garden

Angelonia – best heavenly flower

Specs: perennial, full sun, well drained soil

Osteospermum – best use of ‘sperm’ in a flower name

Specs: 6+ hours of daily sun

Moses in the Cradle – best biblical reference in a plant

Specs: 8+ hours of daily sun, water 2-3 times weekly

Oxais – best minor holiday flower (3 leaf clovers)

Specs: sun or partial sun, prefers consistent soil mosture

Behind the Gate




There are also two plants and  flowering bush I added but I lack both the names and good pictures.

Obviously this is a work in progress page!


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