My Boys

First up is Jackson, he is now 10 years old, a chocolate lab with the smallest bit of boxer. Jackson’s owner is my friend Shelley and one summer, when Shelley was in the hospital, Jackson’s mom escaped their yard and returned home pregnant. Right after Thanksgiving: puppies!

Unfortunately the pet hospital sent mother dog and 7 pups home too early and due to complications the mother and 4 pups died. The family hand fed and raised the remaining 3 dogs. When Jackson was 4 months old I adopted him and brought him home to my parent’s house – I was just a month out of college!

When I moved to Woodland in May of 2006, Jackson came with me. He’s fiercely loyal and protective, doesn’t play well with others, is currently molting like a bird and would chase a tennis ball until he dropped dead of exhaustion.

Or until his tongue hits the ground.

In 2007 my Mom adopted a dachshund from a litter in Concord and came home with Chase.

But when I went to help her pick out the new puppy I told her the other dog was cuter. She disagreed so I went back and adopted Wilson. He and Chase are identical save for a white marking on Wilson’s chest. He’s a miniature dachshund and now 8 years old – nicknamed trouble.

Wilson & Chase
Wilson: this look means trouble

Wilson loves cats (specifically loves pinning them to the ground and licking them), dressing up, licking people and hiding under my bed covers.

Then I went three years without adopting any pet whatsoever! Look at that self control! 3 years!

That self control broke in June 2011 when I started looking for another small dog as Jackson is slowing down and becoming increasingly grumpy (he’s the dog version of me, I swear). After a lot of Craigslist responses and getting stood up by one dog, I met Bandit, er Nixon.

Nixon is now 5 years old, a standard dachshund and dapple in coloring. Nixon is crate training because Jackson needs lots of time to get used to this new dog so he doesn’t try to terrify him. Already Wilson and Nixon get along pretty well and play and chase around the house and yard. Of course Nixon is sporting some scabs on his ear because when they play Wilson likes to bite and pull by the ears. Chase also went home once with a pierced ear.

So there you have it, my three dogs (I’m full for now, no more!). Tomorrow I’ll do a quick intro and walk through to my house which has changed so much since I wrote this post nearly 3 years ago.


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