Goals 2018

1. Do 250 days of strict Whole 30

I began my first W30 in May 2017 and completed 100 days through the next 8 months. This year I want to aim for 5/7 days a week and go for 250 days. I’ll begin in January with a full 30 days.

Update: 28 days as of January 29th

2. Workout 4x a week – at least 200 times for at least 30 minutes 

While I won’t be traveling as much, I will also be changing up how I workout so this will be a fresh challenge

3. Read at least 52 books 

I’ve already got my “to read” list populated and looking forward to another year of good literature.

Update: 7 books complete as of January 29th

4. Either remodel my bathroom shower or the kitchen

This one will be tough because budget wise the bathroom is easier but needs wise the kitchen should be priority.

Update: Master bath is happening!

5. Become a tourist in my own home town (state) – visit at least 20 sites/towns through the Pacific NW in 2018


House Goals 2018: 

1. Garage – add security film to window

2. Living room – have fireplace tested and inspected

3. Dining room – touch up paint around the built-in

4. Dining room – add finishing piece to the built-in

5. Office – finish caulk on window trim

6. Guest room – remove hooks from ceiling

7. Kitchen – replace garbage disposal

8. Garage – add overhead lights in 2 banks 

9. Kitchen – trim the windows

10. Garage – trim out the window

11. Master bedroom – remove the canopy and patch ceiling

12. Master bedroom – touch up ceiling paint

13. Living room – replace overhead light

14. Guest bath – fix shower can light 

15. Side yard – add hooks for second ladder to hang

16. Office – trim and paint closet shelving

17. Backyard – build a cart for table saw

18. Master bath – replace bath fan

19. Kitchen – add new curtain rods and curtain

20. Front yard – replace mailbox and post

21. Living room – refinish the dresser

22. Master bedroom – rebuild bed frame

23. Office – replace ceiling drywall (patch) 

24. Backyard – build pergola in the corner 

25. Living room – reupholster the 2 wingback chairs 

26. Backyard – make a walkway to the sideyard

27. Front yard – re-pour sidewalk up to the front door 

28. Master bedroom – replace sliding glass door, trim and fix transition piece

29. Front yard – plant a tree

 30. Back yard – plant a tree