December in the UK

Thanks to an amazing travel deal I found back in September, I traveled to the UK this month and had a fantastic time. I started at SFO with a flight on WOW airlines to Gatwick airport via Reykjavík.

If you do travel via WOW you’ll find great prices but everything (every. thing.) is an upsell, including water on an 8 hour flight. wow.

I arrived in London and picked up an Oyster card and made my way to my first stop right off the District Line on the Underground.

This was the front path just about a mile away from the station. I love staying at AirBnb locations so I can get to know the local people.

The hallmark of London was meet ups with clients and friends and it’s always good to talk in person with those I’ve only met online.

This is Kris, she edited my books in 2016 and I was so glad she was visiting family in London and could make time to play tour guide.

Together we went to the National Gallery, rode on a double decker bus, went to the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Regent Street and more places I’ve forgot.

We did a quick walk through of the National Gallery after brunch:

My favorites are always Van Gogh and they had some lovely Impressionists pieces.

After the National Gallery we walked outside into a pouring rainstorm and ended up jumping on a double decker bus to reach our next destination. From St. Paul’s Cathedral we walked across the Millennial Bridge and toward the London Eye.

At the modern art museum we took in the big installation which was a swing set. So much fun!

By the time we crossed the river and made it over to Waterloo the sun had begun to come out!

We shopped a little along the street markets and I adored these restaurant… bubbles? I don’t know but I want one for my backyard.

When it got dark enough we made our way to Regent Street to take in all the decorations and they didn’t disappoint!

Even the window displays were on point:

On Friday, after our Conquer meet up, we went out walking and ended up at Buckingham Palace at dusk. The flag above the building mean the queen was in residence:

For a late lunch we stopped at Belgo, a Belgium mussels, chips and beer stop that was fantastic! You can essentially get a kilo of mussels and sauce for under $20.

We spent a good amount of time walking around Covent Gardens and their markets.

On Saturday I left London for Dublin, right before the first big snow storm London had seen in a decade. It was a quick 40 minute flight from Gatwick and it took a little while to find my AirBnb. That day I started feeling sick so I had an early dinner and slept in.

Sunday was my only full day in Dublin so I took a taxi down to the shopping district where I promptly found a really cool donut shop:

Since I hadn’t had real food I picked one up for later and stopped for fish and chips at a local pub.

Everything was decorated up for the holidays:

and there were tons of vendors out on the streets:

I didn’t buy much but considering the weather is much cooler than California I bought a sweater, hat and gloves to supplement my winter coat.

On Monday it was back to Manchester on an early flight where we had another Conquer meet up and I got to meet Rachel, who designed my books and website in 2016, in person for the first time!

After our meet up I took the train to Sale and met my cousin’s former husband and his family. The last time I’d seen my cousin’s daughter Coral she was 3 and now she’s nearly 11!

It was a quick visit but lots of fun!

Tuesday I was on the train to London and taking in the countryside:

On the trip back to San Francisco I had another layover in Reykjavík and we departed just at sunset.

As we were flying west, the plane tracked the sun all the way to California and 8 hours later I watched it set over the Pacific Ocean.

Back in San Francisco I had another meet up with Conquer Club members and client meetings.

All in all it was a fantastic trip and I am so glad I took the time to go explore more of the UK!


Trip to Puerto Rico, Part 2

In part 1 I shared the first 3 days of my trip getting to San Juan, exploring the bio bay, hiking in the rainforest and flying to Culebra. All amazing. Except for getting sick. As a paranoid person, I got back to the airport on Tuesday an hour before my flight which was about an hour too early. In between flights the crew work by painting walls and doors and also taking naps. A chicken came in and just wandered around looking for crumbs.  No one really cared.


About 10 minutes past our flight time, the guy behind the desk called out my name and I got on the flight back to Ceiba, one of 2 passengers in a tiny plane. This was my view.


Once again we had a fantastic view of the islands below:


Thankfully it was a short flight (approx 15 minutes) and I soon had my rental car and was off to Rincon on the west side of the island. The trip was pretty quiet though there were pockets of traffic and road work. Driving in Puerto Rico is a challenge. Lots of pot holes, terrible signage at times and drivers who don’t really obey laws. It’s common to see someone pull off the road, park on a sidewalk and then do a U-Turn in the middle of the street. I had my cell phone with maps on the steering wheel in a holder and would hit pot holes so deep my phone would go flying.

I got to Rincon in the evening and immediately picked up some dinner on my way to the latest AirBnb stop because I was so exhausted going out again seemed silly.


Rincon is beautiful and I was just up the road from the light house there and some of the many surfing beaches. I, however, went to my villa-style room and slept. Outside little iguanas and lizards ran around:


and inside the room was… oddly decorated:


But the very reason I booked this place was right around the corner:


Wednesday was designated as a day of rest so I picked up some meds at Walgreens, swam in the pool and laid out for awhile, then went and got a massage.

Unfortunately, I also cut my leg on the car door leading to a nasty bruise and the next morning slammed my finger in a gate, bruising up my thumb nail.

I’d intended to explore Rincon a bit on Thursday but with a busted nail and bad headache, I packed up and headed to San Juan with my hand stuck in a cup full of ice the whole 3 hour drive.

Determined to make the most of my last full day, I checked in at the Sheraton in Old San Juan and hopped on the free shuttle that goes around to all the stops. This post was super helpful to knowing where to pick up the shuttle and which one to get on (there are 4) but OMG the number of little old ladies from Florida sitting outside the cruise harbor freaking out about the shuttle was amazing. They didn’t trust my source so every time a car came around the corner they’d rush over thinking it was the shuttle.

Once on the shuttle it was easy enough, I went right up to the El Morro Fort, passing some fantastic architecture along the way:


The Fort was one of my favorite things to see in Puerto Rico:





Well worth the $5 entrance fee. Outside I was back on the shuttle and just down the road to the Castle which was included in the cost of the Fort. Win.



One of the coolest things was the patina on the walls here, changed over decades of decay and the impact of a tropical environment plus the ocean. So beautiful:


another one:


Oh and that floor:


speaking of floor tiles, this one:


I jumped back on the shuttle which went up to the Fort again and waited for 5 minutes for new passengers. Which was brilliant because we were treated to the most amazing sunset:


This is, by far, my favorite photo from Puerto Rico and perhaps of 2016. Even better, it has no editing on it and is “straight out of the camera” in photography lingo.


There’s not much else to tell, Friday morning I had breakfast at the hotel, returned my rental car and flew back home, leaving San Juan around 2pm local time and getting home at 9pm California time (about 11 hours in transit). It felt like 1am to me so I went to bed, unpacked the next morning and took the weekend to settle in before going back to work on Monday.

South of the Equator

December, I decided, was a great time for vacation.

Before schools let out for the year or the holidays were in full swing would be a fantastic time to get out of town and explore some place new. 2016 had already been a good year for travel with trips to Toronto, back to Cancun and Tulum, San Diego and Texas/Louisiana.

In the end I decided that tropical was the way to go and booked roundtrip flights to Puerto Rico. If you’re thinking PR is in the Gulf of Mexico you’re mistaken, it’s actually in the Caribbean east of Florida, Cuba, Haiti and the US Virgin Islands. One hour ahead of the East Coast, PR is a US territory so no passport is needed and US dollar is the currency.

Because it was a trip that resulted in a lot of pictures, I’m breaking this up into 2 posts. First: Sacramento to San Juan, Fajardo and Culebra. Part 2 is here.

Here we are somewhere off the coast of Florida:



and getting ready to land in San Juan:


I arrived midday Saturday, picked up my rental car and headed east to Fajardo where I checked into a condo by the beach. Situated on the 24th floor, it had a nice view of the ocean but an amazing view of the mountains:


Although, the morning sunrise from the condo wasn’t too shabby:


I settled into the condo and then left before it got too dark for my 8pm kayaking tour in the nearby bioluminescent bay. I have zero pictures because a) it was pitch black and b) I was trying not to fall out of my kayak.

Still, it was an amazing 2 hours on the water, my wristband kept the mosquitos away and it was super cool to see. We also spotted crabs in the mangrove roots, iguanas and a giant termite nest.

Sunday I slept in a bit and then headed up to El Yunque National Forest, part of the US National Parks service and also the only rainforest. Here’s what I didn’t know: the visitor’s center (while nice) is completely unnecessary. It’s $4 per person which isn’t bad unless you’ve got a van full of people but all they do is give you a paper map and answer questions. The trails do not start at the visitor’s center and you can bypass it completely. There’s a great big map just a few feet up the road:

In fact, you can drive 13 km up, all the way to the observation tower at the top of the road. There are several places to park along the way and then hike trails to observation towers and waterfalls.

The road is pretty rough in places so watch out for potholes and cars parked on the shoulder if you go.


The whole rainforest is pretty shaded so I didn’t need to worry about getting a sunburn. This turnout about 5km up had the most fantastic view of the valley and east side of the island:


See those two white towers on the far left? That’s where I was staying!

About halfway up is the Yokahu tower:


It’s pink and pretty awesome. A little further up are 2 trails leading down to the same waterfall. These are treacherous. They appear easy at first:


Stairs! Railings! Easy. Ha.

Very quickly you realize that most of the path is narrow, slippery, missing hand rails and steep.


It’s beautiful but that caution side should really be at the beginning of the trail.


The waterfall at the end is amazing though the water is freezing and once you get in you could amuse yourself by watching people scream when they got their feet wet. Also: it’s not a “walk in by a sand beach” type waterfall. You’re going to be climbing over rocks and slipping and hopefully not looking like a fool.


The trip back up was treacherous – partly because I forgot to eat lunch so was tired/hungry and climbing out and everyone knows the ascent is much harder than the descent. But I made it out and back to my Airbnb in time for an amazing sunset:


That night I also treated myself to a cool restaurant for dinner and had this seafood thing that I can’t explain but was very tasty:


So that was my weekend in Puerto Rico.

Early Monday morning I was up and off to Ceiba airport (about 10 min away from Fajardo) for a flight to Culebra. We had some mix up with the reservation which meant I ended up on a private flight on a tiny plane. It wasn’t all bad, I got to see a rainbow from the plane and the flight only lasted about 12 minutes which is much preferred to a 90 min ferry.


Flying into the island is a little like Lost and you go directly over Flamenco Beach, one of my next stops.


Yes, that’s a tank in the water.

After landing at the airport, I went across the street for my rental Jeep and then right to the beach. It was beautiful and completely deserted.


The water was crystal clear, the beach had white sand and the sky was clearing up.


I did walk the mile down the beach to the tanks, which the US military left behind after using the island for training. Tank #1 was up on a little hill a ways back from the beach:


While tank #2 was right in the water:


The locals spray paint them for fun but as you can see they’re also rusting quite badly.

This is the point where my amazing trip started to go a bit bad – I’d woken up on Monday with a stuffy nose but by mid-day I was congested, had a killer headache and was starting to feel really ill. My place in Culebra wouldn’t be ready until 2pm so I ended up driving around the island for awhile and then sleeping in the Jeep at Zoni beach while it rained outside. Soon enough I was able to check in and get some sleep. I did venture out for dinner but the taco place left a lot to be desired, even if this sign made me laugh:


The service was just really slow and it took the guy ages to bring out my check so I could leave.

I didn’t sleep well Monday night with my fever breaking about 3am and alternating between huddling under the thin blanket for warmth and hugging an ice pack from the mini fridge to my head.

Tuesday morning I was luckily able to get a flight back to Ceiba instead of taking the ferry and arranged to keep my Jeep an extra few hours. I went right back to the room and slept for a couple hours before departing.

Part 2: Rincon, getting injured, Old San Juan and heading home

Travel to Louisiana – Part 2 of Travel to Texas

While I was in Texas for my friend Melissa’s wedding, I decided it was high time I went to New Orleans. You know, experience new things and such. When I told my awesome client and friend Alyssa about this plan she got so excited all the Southern came out and she began planning my trip for me! But, as things happen, regional flooding in Louisiana devastated her small town outside Baton Rouge and there was a hurricane on the way.

So instead of spending 2 days together we carved out a couple hours beginning with lunch at Parrains Seafood, a local staple with the best oysters I have had in a long while:


After catching up over lunch we crossed the parking lot for coffee and I convinced Alyssa to begin putting her amazing stories online because the photos she takes and the stories she tells are powerful (this is her blog) and I am so excited that she’s sharing again.

We linger over coffee for awhile and then Alyssa agrees to a selfie but for a photographer that means 10 minutes to set up her cell phone on auto, even as other diners offer to help. No, this is how a photographer works 😉

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset
Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Too soon I was back on my way and pulling into New Orleans in time for dinner. I stayed at a fantastic yoga studio up in the loft and while it’s small it was also perfectly situated on Magazine Street and in the middle of everything I want to see.

Wednesday morning I was off to the plantations, starting with the one that everyone knows: Oak Alley:


It’s gorgeous, the house tour is fantastic and so, so photogenic. I could string a hammock up between these trees and nap for hours:


At the end of our tour I was looking down to the back lawn where another tour guide was waiting to meet her next group. With a few photo filters this seemed to me a picture that could have been taken a hundred years ago:


I talked with a few tourists in from Australia and they recommended the Laura Plantation, just down the road and I loved my stop there.


While a much different plantation, this was a quieter stop and I had a nearly private tour (there were 2 of us plus the guide) and the history of the home and family that lived here was brilliant.


Brilliantly, we got to discuss a lot about history and I shared recommendations for my favorite new book (America’s First Daughter) and musical obsession (Hamilton) neither of which the young tour guide had read or seen. It was a beautiful place but I wanted to get back to town before traffic picked up so I skipped the swamp tours on my way back though I did stop at a beautiful cemetery.


Thanks to the elevation, floods and proximity to the Gulf, cemetery plots are all above ground here and, though different, they are beautiful.


There was a lot to explore so I made sure to try jambalaya, beignets and of course fried green tomatoes:


In the midst of my trip, I got some horrible news from a client in one of our group programs so while I was mostly “off line” and not working, I needed to be there despite my vacation. Without going into all the details, our client was in an accident where she was badly hurt and her infant son was killed. It’s still horrifying and tragic to think about and I’m glad that we could surround her with love and support as soon as it happened.

I was definitely feeling very raw and found myself crying when I thought of her loss so I took advantage of one of the perks of staying in a yoga studio and signed up for the evening ‘restorative yoga’ class with the studio’s owner. As it turned out, no one else showed up so I had a private lesson!

Friday brought a long drive back to Dallas for my flight home, made longer by the fact that my rental car did not have cruise control. It did, however, have a total of 7 miles on the odometer when I picked it up.


Friday night I stayed with my aunt, uncle and cousins in Dallas before returning the car and catching an early flight home Saturday morning. Not too bad of a trip to Dallas, Austin, Baton Rouge and New Orleans in 9 days!

Travel to Texas – Part 1

Recently I considered reactivating my defunct travel blog but bah, I don’t have the energy to keep up here, much less in 2 spots. I figure that the reason I was thinking about it was reuniting with my Scotland travel buddy Melissa, who recently got married in Texas. By the time I started adding all the pictures I needed a couple of posts so this is the first leg of the trip: Texas. Warning: there will be sweat.

I flew into Dallas late on a Friday, picking up my rental car and checking in for 2 nights. Since my body was still on California time I had a late dinner at Torchy’s Tacos: I picked the Republican and the Democrat and both were tasty (unlike real politicians):


Despite the time difference I was up early and headed out to the Dallas Arboretum and spent a couple hours walking around with my camera.


Melissa mentioned it was one of her favorite places in Dallas so I knew I’d have to see why.


Hard to argue with that.


The best, very random part, was that Saturdays in August were a steal with $5 parking and $1 to get in because who goes outdoors in Texas in August anyways?


Since the wedding wasn’t until the afternoon I had a little time to get ready before heading out. Like a good guest I didn’t take pictures during the ceremony but it was hard to hear Melissa at times and I resisted the urge to yell “LOUDER, CLEARER” during the vows like we used to do to each other during debate drills.

The reception was at the Chase building downtown in the Sky Lounge and it was beautiful.


It was awesome to catch up with my college friend Kirsten and her husband Hays over dinner:


And then dance with Melissa and her new husband Scott:


After dinner and dancing there was cake but also popsicles because this wasn’t a fussy wedding. In fact, we debated in the elevator what made it down to earth. The mac and cheese, said one guest, no, the onion rings with the veggies argued another. It might have been the popsicles or the confetti canon that exploded in the lobby when 50 people threw bundles of confetti on the departing couple.

Sunday morning I was up and out of town early, heading south to Austin. I had a meeting lined up with a Conquer client at the Whole Foods flagship store and their parking garage was the most technologically advanced thing I’d seen in a long time. Mary Ann and I worked on her funnel and business and had a great time!


In Austin, I chose to stay in a cute little camp trailer just for shits and giggles. Though the bathroom was tiny (smaller than an airplane’s) it had all the necessities.


I forgot to coat myself in a couple layers of OFF! so I got eaten by mosquitos and spent the rest of the trip scratching my poor legs. Sunday night I met up with my friend Vasavi for dinner and talking:


The next day (Monday) I was up early for a client meeting with my long-term client Maya (2 years and first time meeting!):


By this time my hair was saying “NO MORE HUMIDITY” but alas, there was little I could do to control the weather. I headed to a coffee shop to work for a bit and then met up with my awesome friend Kendra:


So all in all Austin was wonderful and weird and full of great people and I must go back. Monday night I was on the road again and made it to the eastern side of the state before I stopped for the night.

Not much to see since I took the backroads to avoid Houston traffic but there was a fantastic double rainbow that I had to pull off the freeway to snap:


Next up: NOLA



After a week in Playa del Carmen relaxing on the beach and 11 days in Tulum for the retreat, I was on my way to Cancun for some decompression time before heading home. I knew that as soon as I landed back in the States it was going to be full on for the business launch so a bit of a break was badly needed.

I returned to the same resort I stayed in my first night in Mexico and to review, it is gorgeously situated on the peninsula between the ocean and the lagoon:


the morning light was especially beautiful in the sunrise:


but, per usual, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the resort itself. The first trip was an all day excursion to Isla Mujeres, a small island north of Cancun. Overall it was a really awesome day, we took the boat out from the lagoon to the ocean and had the chance to relax on a private beach before lunch.


There’s something so relaxing about sitting under the palm trees on a weekday…


After a little while those interested in snorkeling got back on the boat and swam about a mile up shore along the reef. The current was flowing in our favor so it wasn’t too exhausting.

We returned to the beach house for lunch and then a couple more hours to enjoy the kayaks, play in the ocean and relax. The pier was especially beautiful and you can see the hotels of Cancun in the distance:


Of course I had to get a panoramic shot:


Not too bad for a day at the beach!

Later in the afternoon we took the boat to the north end of the island for a few hours and were able to roam, shop and explore the downtown area. It’s rather small but I was able to find a few things. I also sat down for drinks with a family from Scotland that I’d talked with during the snorkeling tour.

After such a long day I was happy to get back to the resort and go to sleep early. I can’t recommend much in the way of restaurants because, on average, I’d eat one meal a day since it was so busy.

Waking up at the resort was always a treat, just walking down the open air hall to the ocean in the morning was a treat.


The day before I left I had a little more adventure planned with another parasailing adventure and then out to a different reef to snorkel.


Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy that parasailing adventure as much due to the very unbalanced “harness” which was really just a bench you sat on flying above the ocean so when I got back to dry land I needed some time in the clear blue water to recover.


On the last night in Cancun, I decided to try out the Captain’s Cove restaurant across from the hotel on the lagoon side and I am so glad I did. Because the sunset was incredible.


I kept leaving my food at the table to go out to the patio to shoot because the sky was so beautiful.


And the reflection on the water was amazing.


Okay, one more.


I left the next morning before the sunrise and I can’t wait to go back in a few months!

Time in Tulum

After a week getting accustomed to the hot, humid weather of the Mexican Riviera in Playa del Carmen, I headed south to Tulum.

Technically, first I picked up a rental car and went north to Cancun to pick up the lovely Natalie MacNeil so we could do some last minute shopping for the retreat.

For example, we wanted gorgeously simple flowers for the tables and room so we picked up 7 bunches at the Cancun Costco and arranged them on our own:


This total mess turned into the cutest little arrangements:


We also had some banners designed, printed and I hauled them down to Mexico. My favorite on was much larger than we anticipated and Natalie thought it was hilarious:




We also picked out and brought a journal for each attendee – these were especially perfect as we were at Dreams Resort:





It took us a full day to get the room set up but were in love with the end result:


Those little white patches on the journals? Our Conquer tattoos! Here’s mine:


Although we spent a ton of time inside working on the room set up, Dreams Tulum is a resort where you want to explore!

You’ll find lots of animals (this one is my favorite):


from the lobby you’ll find a great view out to the ocean:


and there’s a great little chapel where we held morning meditations:


Dreams Tulum is an all-inclusive luxury resort so the food is amazing. You can get fresh fruit delivered at room service:


There’s a fantastic Italian restaurant:


and the very friendly staff at the sushi restaurant generously pass around after-dinner shots


That’s Michelle and Heather but let me introduce you to some of our amazing ladies!


First night at dinner with Allison, Mandy, Layla, Nicky, Yasmine, Trudy, Kelly, Jennifer and Michelle.


another dinner shot with Sara, Mandy, Yasmine and Sandy.


Yasmine again with our wonderful life coach Vasavi.

And of course some selfies! With Karin:






and Laura:


And I had to add this one after a long, full day of coaching: IMG_9421

It had just stopped pouring down rain when I stopped outside into the hot, humid air.

Most of my time in Tulum was at the resort, working, with the exception of a trip to return the rental car (and tacos) and once into town to do laundry.

Of course, while driving around Tulum we had to stop and get some pictures of the best road sign. It read “stay present” and here’s Natalie in action:


After the retreat wrapped up I had an extra day with Natalie to plan our May 2016 Retreat and talk over the upcoming business launch before I made my way to Cancun.