When did Instagram become > Memories?

Today was a rollercoaster. It began early and I was out the door before 8am for a massage. I don’t go as often as I need to but after a month of tough workouts, still getting my ankle and shoulder back into alignment and a long ass launch month, I was super excited for the therapeutic massage and my therapist I see in town has become a friend, she’s even referred me a house sitter for my upcoming trip.

After the massage I had a productive client call, got some admin work done and took Jackson in for a nail trim. In 20 minutes he only tried to bite the technician 5 times so overall it was a good visit. But about this time I began to feel punky.

At home I gathered my weapons and retreated to bed surrounded by my current favorite candle (blood orange), laptop, cell phone, books, Kindle, work notes and calendar plus a stack of magazines, some pens, my wallet, chapstick, tea, water, heating pads, pain pills and comfortable clothes.

I successfully lounged for several hours, watching nothing of import on YouTube and resting while I worked through some papers.

When I felt better I went into the living room and had a picture perfect evening. But you’ll have to picture it in your head because there are no pictures.

This time of year I try to keep the lights on low, I found that too bright or harsh lighting in the winter can lead to headaches easily. Instead I’ll turn off the overhead lighting and light up some candles, lamps, my library lights and, of course, the Christmas tree.

I was sitting comfortably on the bench of my dining room built in, with an extra pillow for cushioning and blanket to keep me warm. I’d changed into my new pajamas which are adorable and make me feel like a child on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa. I brewed a cup of hot chocolate on the Keurig and turned on the small space heater. The dogs were snoozing on the couch and chairs, each jockeying for the best blanket or vantage point to watch me work on a puzzle.

I was comfortably full after dinner but not stuffed, had cold water and hot chocolate, a puzzle and a Netflix show playing on my laptop. All in all it was a lovely, quiet evening after a long day of ups and downs. 

But even as I enjoyed it there was an insidious part of my braining thinking I needed to take pictures for Instagram. And, if something looked off, fix it. You know, pick up the Fastrak receiver on the table and hide it away, straighten up the blankets Wilson always burrows under and tidy up the bookshelves where I’ve been stacking up the books I’ve finished. Wipe down the countertop, vacuum the rug, light a few more candles, move the sewing project…

…before I knew it I was planning chores upon chores and why? Not because any of those things were bothering me or needed to be done but simply because it would make for a better photo.

When did chasing an image online become more important than a memory. Sitting and working on the puzzle I felt content. Thinking about sharing it I felt discontent.

This evening I was feeling better, thank you pain pills, and my muscles were relaxed after the massage, my hunger satiated, my brain stimulated, my clothes comfortable. There was nothing I needed except, perhaps, the desire to share it.

Why share? 

I go back to this question all the time. Why am I sharing this? As a business owner and leader there are many overlapping reasons to share on social including to showcase my work, share client wins, give people insight into my life, maintain a public presence, show people I’m funny, brag about my adorable dogs, teach something I’ve learned and sharing to connect.

This year I’ve shared about funerals attended, events hosted, sick dogs and dressing up for Halloween, recipes I tested and workouts completed. But whenever I get the feeling that I’m sharing to project an image of importance or bragging about my life I reconsider. It’s not that the temptation isn’t there – this is the digital age – but I am so sick of seeing it from posters with way more followers than me.

No one really lives in those perfectly Instagrammed homes and I’d much rather have more relaxing evenings and hot chocolate than online likes and comments.


Photo Friday

I shared a snapshot from the sunset last week but after working on the rest of the photos: wow. Amazing

IMG_3489I can’t wait for another storm so I can get back out with my camera. Oh and we really need the rainfall here.

IMG_3482Also, getting down and dirty on the side of the road was so worth it! And I learned how to shoot through my sunglasses so you can see what I see through the other lenses:



Nixon has been especially cute this week, if not just as mischievous as usual. here he is looking at me like I owe him an explanation for… something:


And in the other chair, trying to figure out how to sit:


here’s a peek at what I’m doing this weekend:

IMG_3538I grabbed this screenshot because I think it’s a perfect snap of what I share on Instagram:


Yep – flowers, dogs and sunsets plus the rare snapshot of food, drink and people 🙂

I’m krazevedo on Instagram if you want to follow!




My week in pictures

So I’ve fallen WAY behind on the weekly photo dump, mostly because as soon as I returned from Cabo my phone died and I hate, hate how the iPhone imports photos.

No, I don’t want to use iPhoto. Just import my damn files.

Anywho, now that I’ve maxed out my storage I’m getting more diligent at downloading the photos regularly.

Here’s a glimpse of my week:

Nixon continues to sleep in the most uncomfortable, awkward positions…

2014 iPhone 8


Trying to keep all the dogs off the fabric I’m working on has been a challenge.

2014 iPhone 1

I’ve been painting. Again. I’m sure no one is surprised.

2014 iPhone 28

I got the chance to hang out with the lovely Ana this week.

2014 iPhone 22

Here’s a peek at the new bedroom paint from the office:

2014 iPhone 29

The dogs are loving the bed piled high with pillows. I found them in there taking naps on Saturday:

2014 iPhone 16

2014 iPhone 17

Oh and this weekend had the most beautiful sunsets in ages:

ezine 10-1-14 (1)

InstaFriday: Post-Cabo Edition

Oh I am missing Cabo… it was a rough week at home with the rain, responsibilities… email…

I started out by picking up a ton of fruit and veggies from the co-op since my fridge was pretty empty

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.35.30

I forgot how much I love fresh pineapple in my smoothies! Also, salsa. Yummy.

I’ve been picking out fabric for this quilt for months and seeing it pieced together has been awesome! We’re working on the border now and then will choose the fabric for the back panel.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.34.17One of the things I found when I got home was that pavement ants had burrowed up from the cracks in the driveway, built their little hills in my garage and were not paying rent! The nerve. Now I sweep out the garage every day or two and am about to engage in some chemical warfare.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.34.58Luckily the garden is blooming! These tulips are above to push up and the mint is absolutely thriving after being cut way back. The whole planter box can fill 50, 60 mojitos. Come on over.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.35.07To say the boys were happy to have me home is a bit of an understatement. They would not leave my side. These 3 are the reason I have a brown couch cover and warm feet.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.31.57Another shot of the garden, this time the raised garden bed in the side yard. I filled up these boxes with 10 cu ft of dirt plus half of my compost bin (which has turned trash into nutrient rich soil!). There’s now enough dirt to cover the soaker hoses in a few inches of soil so it’s less likely to evaporate when I water.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.27.43And since I have been looking for a way to upgrade this plot in the back yard, I built another raised garden bed this week for this geranium:

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.35.49

These two. They crack me up. Wilson is my calm one while Nixon is all kinds of crazy. The look Wilson is giving me as Nix pawed at his face while licking his nose cracked me up. I think it’s the universal look of an eternally patient big brother.


Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.34.39Alyssum gets my vote as the most hardy plant ever – it’s survived year round and is looking healthy and spreading fast.

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.35.19If you’re wondering why I have so many flower pictures it’s because the California weather has looked like this:

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.28.00crazy, right? The fields are filling in, the sky is blue and those clouds are just joking.

Finally, this week marked the 5th anniversary of my Grandma passing. Hence the selfie with her coffee mug in her honor:

Screenshot 2014-03-11 22.32.16

Today I’m jetting off again on a short trip – can’t wait to share the pictures from this coming weekend!


InstaFriday: Cabo Edition

I’ve determined that I am terrible at posting my cell phone and Instagram pics every month or two. It’s been about a year since my last update! But since I got a brand new phone and had to move all my photos anyway I thought it would be a good time to start this off every Friday.

Have you noticed I was quiet here the last few weeks? Well, that’s because I was vacationing in Cabo San Lucas! It was an amazing trip and while I have over 1,000 pictures from my DSLR, today I’ll share the story in cell phone pics.

Technically I’m going back 3 weeks but I don’t think anyone will care.

The journey started on President’s Day when I went into the city (San Francisco) to do some client work and kicked things off with an office selfie to demonstrate just how pale I had become in winter:

20140217_125948The next day I was off to the airport and flying to Cabo San Jose! Not before breakfast at the airport with this “side of fruit” which was more like a fruit shooter:

20140218_100544Here’s where I stayed while in Cabo San Lucas:

20140227_104036It was a cute place, very open and friendly – I met some great people! This was the view from the lounge on the second floor:

20140221_165237That blue door there is mine!

20140219_083719One of the things I loved is that I knew I was in Mexico, not in a hotel or resort that looks like every other hotel around the world. Here you could hear the nightlife, step outdoors and grab a taco or smoothie and we were super close to the marina and the mall.

This is the mall:

20140219_084209Insane, right? The view from the second story is even more impressive:

20140219_085342After picking up a towel and beach bag, I made my way to the beach. It was bright. So bright this was the “amazing” shot I took:

20140219_092655Yeah. It’s hard to see the display on a cell phone when it’s 85 degrees out. So after tanning for a bit I went to a great beach front restaurant where I could drink in the shade:

20140219_102953Oh and eat some amazing crispy tacos:

20140219_104811During my trip I read a few books including this one I found at the Inn:

20140220_123410Yes, I read about serial killers on vacation. Doesn’t everyone? Here’s the marina. Gorgeous, no?

20140222_113006At the very, very, very end of the Marina and shopping is the boat launch where fisherman gut their fish. It’s so much fun to watch:

20140225_115945Not really because of the gutting but because of the subsequent feeding leftovers. To pelicans:

20140225_115941You can see them lurking around, waiting for a free lunch.

For humans the Marina had awesome seafood, including this “hawaiian roll” which was ah-mazing

20140225_184400Also these bougainvillea were growing everywhere and looked so beautiful! Since all of mine have died I am going to re-try planting some this spring:


On the last full day I was up from sunrise to sunset and it was a beautiful day:

20140226_063142On my last day in Cabo I went out to breakfast:

20140227_09361620140227_093815and by this time I was pretty tan/burned:

20140223_145513and 9 days after landing I was heading back to San Francisco!

Next week I’ll have more pictures of the return, including the dogs completely swarming me for attention.

New pictures. Of me. For reals.

I know, I’m typically the gal behind the camera and love it that way but recently I had a few portraits done and wanted to share them. I had a blast shooting these with my new bff Lauren.

And because it would be me otherwise, enjoy my snarky commentary along the way. Oh and some newsy news for you at the bottom of the post too!headshotthis was the first one I got in a proof and got mixed reactions. Some say “too serious” some say “hell yeah” so let’s just call this one “hella serious, yeah!”

state_capital (6 of 59)This ended up being my favorite. Of all times. Sure the purple shirt photographs a little blue but you can see my necklace (which I wear all the damn time), my hair is a crazy and I’m smiling. Good things.

state_capital (11 of 59)Another favorite. This one is more straight on “trust me peoples” but I lurve it anyway. Also the bilateral hair is kinda awesome, no?

Systems Academy WelcomeHere’s one in the black shirt, a little smarmy if you ask me but I still like it! Besides, this is my “do what I say or I’ll get you” look usually reserved for children.

state_capital (59 of 59)Finally, my behind the scenes pic – this one was shot while I was recording a few videos and I think it’s a nice meta shot.


Okay, so what else has been going on at Casa de Kelly? Well, I have some new pictures to show you of the front yard after planting a ton of flowers (about half survived our little heat wave this week) and setting up the cutest  patio cart. Love it. Also, I decided I needed Adirondack chairs and ended up with 2 sets. So I needed more pillows. You see how this all spirals out of my control so easily!

Inside I’ve been working away: painting baseboards, remodeling cabinets in the bathroom, I finally picked up the tile for those bathroom floors, I rearranged the living room (again) and have big old plans  in the works for the house (think AC, floors, windows, paint, power washing, BIG dreaming).

So, stay tuned for more of those posts as summer drags on. I’m fine as long as the heat abates and I don’t have to deal with 105 as the weekly low.





Saturday Snapshots – Feb 2

Well it’s only been 3 months since my last snapshots post here so I have plenty to catch you up on.

When I wrote that last post I had just returned home from a trip to NY for my birthday after an emotionally draining time. Four months after losing my cousin it’s not gotten much easier, I still think about him often and miss him every day.

I don’t know about you, but social media makes it all the harder. Seeing his friends “check in with JT” at the mall and having his profile pop up in my chat window is sobering. Anyway, enough of the sad stuff, that was my bad attempt to reason away why I haven’t been as active blogging these past few months.

Ready for some pics?

Let’s go back to November, the month when I did my damnedest to procrastinate from writing a novel which dealt with grief. Avoidance, I’m good at it.

So I sanded and painted the hallway, only covering the dogs in a thin layer of dust in the process


That wasn’t enough so then I did the ceiling in the office:


One of my clients was nominated for RAW : Sacramento apparel artist of the year so I attended her show – and this woman was hilarious. She kept posing in the middle of the room as if she were on Project: Runway


My friend Ana made this custom tee for someone in Missouri – I shipped a few boxes that way this year – I love her designs they’re so happy and fun!


Mom came up one day and we walked downtown, this little guy cracked me up


While I was cleaning out files I found my favorite picture of myself! I was 17, in the ER and I really wanted to keep those scrubs


In December I went on a bit of a cooking kick, trying some new recipes like these crab meat cream cheese wontons:


and Indian food:

20121225_154139And then sinfully delicious cinnamon rolls:20130105_115448

The leaves were turning in the front yard and soon piled up high. For weeks I would fill up the 96 gallon green waste can the day after it was emptied. I prefer leaves on the tree.


It rained a fair amount in December so we worked indoors, finally finishing the baseboard installation in the master bedroom when my parents came for a visit/home improvement weekend:


I also made these adorable apple coasters out of felt when I was overwhelmed with life and needed a creative outlet:


In other completely random news, I finally figured out how to remove the vent on my microwave (over the stove) and ewwww. I did get all this grease and grim off and now it’s on the regular cleaning list.


Christmas was boring. No pictures.

In January I had jury duty. Joy. Luckily the trial was delayed and I was dismissed for another year. Civic duty: done.


What else…. oh I bought a new fancy smancy suitcase! It’s blue and it twirls and there are 100 inner pockets for me to lose stuff in. It was needed. I swear.


While I was at the mall I also spent several hours in the apple store, making my friend’s websites the home page on iMacs and laptops while I waited for Genius Bar appointments to fix some lingering problems on my laptop.


Why the computer repairs and suitcase?

Well because in a few months I’m going to CHINA! Yep – even my sweet barista got excited about the news:


But because I’m prissy about my latte I poured it into this happy mug from Target. It tastes better this way.


Do they have chai lattes in China or just tea? Must research… I did have a yummy tea tasting in Chinatown but wasn’t going to spend $120/pound for tea. Uh, no.20130128_144118

In January I also spent many a nights working on my nails:


And I’m almost done with the bench after weeks of sanding, prepping, painting, repainting, staining, sealing and cleaning. I can’t wait to show it to y’all!


Okay, just a few more I promise.

Last weekend I went to visit my parents, my grandma, a book signing and then San Francisco. Check out these adorable cookies at the YHL book signing!

YHL Cookies

(pic courtesy of my new blogger buddy Alanna who made the 2 hours in line fun!)

In San Francisco I stopped into the LUSH store for a hand massage and they used these… uh… soaps which are a new item for Valentine’s Day. Tell me I’m not the only one who sees it…20130128_151507

I was there with my friend Dana who is quirky and fun and hilarious all at once. I wish I had a picture of her face when she tried some bubble gum sugar lip scrub. But I was laughing too much.

(pic of me and dana which she has yet to send. this is my attempt at a guilt trip.)

We had fun catching up and talking and rebuffing the homeless men who wanted money. It was a beautiful clear day and I took the BART back to Mom and Dad’s house, picked up the pups and headed home. It made for a long Monday but what a fun trip!


So… whatcha been up to the last 3 months?