About Kelly

Let’s start with the obvious: My name is Kelly. I’ll include some pics along the post but they are few because I’d rather be behind the camera:

This project was started in May 2008 when I spent several hours with my best friend helping her prepare to purchase a new car. While discussing my advice with a friend he asked “Who is this Kelly? Have I met her?” and my best friend graciously described me as her friend for all financial matters. The guy finally decided “I need a friend Kelly.”

Having since met said guy I’ve seriously considered shutting down the blog. Yes, he’s that weird.  But I digress. Here’s a little information about me and if you want to know something, send me an email or comment.

Things about me in no particular order:

1. I bought a house in 2008, most of my postings will serve as a photo diary of sorts on the progress therein.  I’m no Bob Villa but I can figure most anything out by the second or third time. You can see my house tour and gardens here.

2. I like lists. See my projects list here.

For the longest time “headshots I like” was on my to do list. Finally I got some pics that don’t make me cringe:

Kelly - green shirt close-up

3. I crave intelligent, thought provoking debates about any topic, especially after listening to my co-workers chat all day long about nothing. Even though I now get to work with amazing clients and great friends, I think the level of debate is still lacking.

4. I’m always looking for ways to save money so I can buy a convertible, move to the country, travel to Europe and become a full time writer.

2010-Mar-19 (83)with Georgia in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2010

5. My dream is to be a full time writer. (While my business does not revolve around writing I have been published in Forbes, Washington Post, Inc and US News. Full list and links here.) It’s still weird seeing my name in print.

photo(1)6. Friends have told me I’m unusually motivated and focused when I want to be, if I don’t seem to care about something it’s just not a priority yet.

7. I work a lot. 3-4 jobs average, 60 hours a week. Now I run my own business and while I work more hours I also have more freedom and love my clients!

8. My dogs pretend to obey their commands, I pretend to take them for daily walks. Though sometimes they prefer a drive.

9. Family is very important to me but once they cross that line I’m taking Fredo out on the boat and saying good-bye. Metaphorically speaking.

10. I want an office with floor to ceiling bookshelves and no clock. My ideal office is now one with plenty of white space, a comfy chair or three and speakers playing RainyMood.com while I work.

11. Nothing short of a massage is more relaxing than a midnight drive in the country in summer.

2012_05_05 (62)12. I watch a lot of movies and quote them when I can.

13. If you’re a friend you’re a friend for life. I’ll set aside my free time, money, self and plans to help you whenever I can because I love seeing my friends happy and successful.

14. Travel is such an awesome escape. I hate flying but if you’ve got a couch and I have the time we’ll make it work.


15.  I don’t cook as often as I re-heat.  Mostly because I can go weekends or even months without eating and lose all prior knowledge of the craft.

16. I’m unusually violent in speech but unusually forgiving in life.  I think that balances out.

17. Actual stats are good I suppose… I’m 34 now, will be 35 in October.  I used to run, dance, bike and do yoga.  Now I do physical therapy and strength training.

18. I graduated college in 2006 and yet still panic on Sunday nights thinking I’ve forgotten to do my homework.

19. My favorite book is The Giver. Favorite movie right now is the Avengers. Favorite band is constantly changing.

20. I’m one of those organized people they feature on shows like Oprah. Leave me in a dirty room without a book or someone to talk to and I’ll clean it before you get back.

21. If you say you’re going to be somewhere, be there.  If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Otherwise you invoke #16.

22. I dislike most holidays.

23. I’m a published freelance writer, mostly feature news.

24. As a recovering debate nerd I have enough highlighters, blocking paper and red pens to supply the Northwestern Debate Squad. For a decade.

25. I like people who encourage me, challenge me and make me laugh.

Kelly - red shirt smiling

I wrote this post on the 2 year anniversary here on the blog which links to some of my favorite posts!


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