2018 House Planning

By mid-November I get easily swept up in the planning for the new year and all the fun things I want to do. This year I took off for London, Dublin and Manchester in early December and by the time I got home I was right back into planning mode.

Business plans are underway and I’ve already set my personal goals.

Now, let’s talk about the house. Realistically if I am working out 4 days a week, doing Whole 30 5 days a week, reading 1 book a week and traveling around the state twice a month then I’m not going to have a TON of free time for other projects.

Good thing the house is looking damn good these days. Instead of going room by room I’m going to list all the things I want to do and then put them in priority order.

I have a total of 30 goals (about 1 per week) and 3 potential bigger projects that require things like redirecting gas lines, water and drywall. Those are bonus projects that I am hoping to get to this year. One project that’s not on this list but will be carrying over from 2017 is replacing my gutters and downspouts. That should be coming in January.

1. Garageadd security film to window

2. Living roomhave fireplace tested and inspected

3. Dining room – touch up paint around the built-in

4. Dining room – add finishing piece to the built-in

5. Office – finish caulk on window trim

6. Guest room – remove hooks from ceiling

7. Kitchen – replace garbage disposal – n/a fixed existing one! 

8. Garage – add overhead lights in 2 banks 

9. Kitchen – trim the windows

10. Garage – trim out the window

11. Master bedroom – remove the canopy and patch ceiling

12. Master bedroom – touch up ceiling paint

13. Living room – replace overhead light

14. Guest bath – fix shower can light 

15. Side yard – add hooks for second ladder to hang

16. Office – trim and paint closet shelving

17. Backyard – build a cart for table saw

18. Master bath – replace bath fan

19. Kitchen – add new curtain rods and curtain

20. Front yard – replace mailbox and post

21. Living room – refinish the dresser

22. Master bedroom – rebuild bed frame n/a purchased new one!

23. Office – replace ceiling drywall (patch) 

24. Backyard – build pergola in the corner 

25. Living room – reupholster the 2 wingback chairs 

26. Backyard – make a walkway to the sideyard

27. Front yard – re-pour sidewalk up to the front door 

28. Master bedroom – replace sliding glass door, trim and fix transition piece

29. Front yard – plant a tree

 30. Back yard – plant a tree

Potential Garage Project

Garage – drain the water heater, build a new box

Garage – add water softener 

Potential Kitchen Project 

Kitchen – re-configure cabinets and dishwasher / new countertops and sink

Kitchen – relay flooring with new configuration

Potential Bathroom Project

Master bath – replace pan in shower stall

Master bath – replace shower fixtures

Master bath – tile shower stall


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