Plans vs Sleep

I had great plans for the weekend, intending to go to bed on Friday early to get in 8 hours and then up by 6am to start painting the east side of the house before it gets too hot.

In a heat wave of 8 straight days of 100 degree temps, just going outside mid-afternoon feels like torture, much less standing on a ladder, sweating, glaring into the sun.

I still have no idea how the roofing guys managed to work outside in such heat last week.

Anyway, it’s Friday night and I can’t sleep.

I put the dogs to bed, got super comfy and even did 2 sleepy meditations on Insight Timer.

Nothing. Nada. More awake than I was before.

So I got up to get some energy out and worked as quietly as possible. In less than an hour I…

  • took out the trash and recycling
  • relined the trash cans in 3 rooms
  • threw out dead flowers
  • stocked the fridge with more bottled water and La Croix
  • did a little reorganization on the dining room built in shelves
  • cleared off the kitchen table
  • wiped down the kitchen counter (some of them)
  • loaded the dishwasher in the dark
  • got the vacuum tidied up since it’s always a mess of cords and accessories
  • made a lunch and dinner menu for the week ahead
  • organized and put away tools in the garage
  • pulled out the supplies I’ll need tomorrow including
    • the last gallon of tinted paint
    • the paint pitcher
    • the new screen & tools
    • garden shears
  • organized my Whole30 snack foods
  • put away receipts and mail in the office
  • refilled the paper in my finance binder
  • put away office supplies
  • put away glass jars in the garage
  • put away stray shoes, my new iphone accessories, clean dishes and purses
  • mentally reviewed my Saturday list and realized there’s nothing else I can do in the dark

Unless I want to make breakfast for tomorrow, paint at midnight or start loading the old gutters into my car to take to the dump, I’ll need to sleep at some point.

It makes no sense.

I was up earlyish today for meetings, spent a lot of time working and focused on tasks, did a really hard workout that made me sweat buckets, my muscles are sore. Granted, I did have coffee this afternoon so maybe that’s just hard wired caffeine to my brain and screamed STAY AWAKE for hours.

In lieu of sleep, here’s my Saturday/Sunday list:

  1. Finish caulk layer around garage window
  2. Second coat of paint on garage window trim
  3. Add more wood filler to the downspout soft spot near the front door, let it dry
  4. Sand and prime the downspout soft spot
  5. Mix in the 5th gallon of gray paint and stir well
  6. Refill the paint pitcher and keep the outside clean
  7. Load up the roller and roll paint on:
    1. side yard eaves
    2. backyard above the 8′ mark
    3. around the front door up to the eaves
    4. around the kitchen windows
  8. Use the brush to touch up the grooves
  9. Paint along the foundation on the side yard
  10. Finish painting the screen door white
  11. Install the new screen on the door and then re-install on the house
  12. Build the cart for the table saw
  13. Work with B. to remove sprinklers in back yard
  14. Take the gutters to recycling at the dump
  15. Catch up on laundry

Easy, right? Sigh, I might as well get started on the laundry tonight.

(Also, all of this is complicated by Nixon being on crate rest. He’s hurt his back and we can’t see the vet until Monday so for now he’s resting but I may have to move him around with me in order to keep a closer eye.



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