Backyard Update 02

Let’s call this edition “instant gratification” because the more I look at how many bricks I’m going to need to lay and how much grass seed will be needed and the whole house to paint, the more I need quick wins to stay motivated.

I started with some green stuff because after taking out 2 rose bushes and cutting back the bougainvillea constantly, I needed something new to start growing.

But since the dogs get into everything and kill it I turned to pots to get started. I picked up 2 small and 2 huge black plastic pots and here’s what I planted.

First is a light pink verdana:

Then a hibiscus that I’m waiting to see bloom:

And this red flowering plant which I’m pretty sure is a mandevilla:

A pink and yellow lantana:

It’s been a nice break to go outside a few times a day to water the plants and usually when I’m washing off my paint brushes I’ll water them again. The lantana will grow super well in the sun and the supposed mandevilla is thriving too.

I also unearthed an old metal strainer with a star design and spray painted it to fit my backyard oasis vision board. Before:

After > > >

Once the yellow paint was dry, I filled up the bowl with dirt and a couple of new succulents:

I wanted it to be a little more full so I picked up even more:

The best thing is that these don’t need very much water and the strainer guarantees drainage.

In the front yard I have a bunch of other succulents in different containers which will migrate to the backyard when the major renovations are done.

As you may have noticed in the mandevilla pic above or last week’s recap, the house painting project is coming along. In July I’ll have a scaffold at the house which means it’ll be time to go up to the eaves and hopefully make lots of progress. I’ve already mixed 5 gallons of outdoor paint and am hopeful that I don’t need more than 10-12 gallons total. The trim is coming along as well and looks so sharp next to the dark gray trim:



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