Backyard Update 01

Okay, it’s time for an update after sharing the sorry state of my backyard and plans to turn it into an oasis.

I’d set out a few goals for June:

  • install final kitchen window
  • finish framing kitchen windows inside
  • finish framing garage window outside
  • power wash and prep the siding *at least the back of house behind the fence*
  • maybe hire someone to remove backyard sprinklers

And I did pretty well on those goals.

The final kitchen window is installed and all the exterior frames are in. The window frames and corner pieces of the house are being painting with the white outdoor paint that I used to prime the window frames and it stands out really nicely against the dark gray paint:

As far as framing the windows inside well…

Not even started. Surely if I just add a bunch of crap to the ledge it’ll look finished, right? Sure.

The garage window is framed on the outside and I’m pretty excited because this was a total bonus window I wasn’t expecting to do this year.

The last week of June I started power washing the siding in the backyard and then painting almost immediately because yes, the spiders do work that fast.

Here are a few before pics:

Painting is tricky because the vertical panels means the best way to work is brushing paint into the crevices, top and bottom of the siding and then rolling on to cover the wide expanses quickly.

Of course, I also have to paint around various blocks like the backyard light, fence, windows, the faucet and hooks. Plus, whenever you’re covering with a darker color you’ll need at least 2 solid coats to prevent streaks and uneven tone.

Here’s how the back side looked after 2 coats:


As you can see there was still some patchiness and I still needed to paint the trim around the sliding glass door. I’m only painting up to the 8′ line because my ladder isn’t capable of reaching those 16′ eaves.

And here’s the side of the house after the first coat:

As you can see there is white paint showing through on the gaps and I haven’t started the eaves yet since that needs to be done with a brush. Some of the eaves haven’t even been primed so they’re going to suck up paint like crazy:


One of the big challenges when you’re using this much paint is consistent colors. To accomplish this I started by tinting 5 gallons previously purchased and mixing them in a 5 gallon bucket, 3 at a time. Using some oversized stir sticks I mix it all up and then use the bucket for rolling on in big sections.


If I’m working with the brush then I need a smaller bucket so the bulk of the paint doesn’t dry out. I bought this pitcher so I could have an easy way to hold the bucket way up on the ladder.

Here’s another look at the back of the house with the trim done around the sliding glass door:

Already looking so much better, no?

I am working my way around the front of the house and cannot wait to show you what it looks like! I may still hire someone to take out the sprinklers in the backyard but I’m working on paint nearly daily.


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