New Windows and Trim

In addition to doing the baseboard trim throughout the house since the beginning of the year, I’ve started working on the windows.

After years of considering the options I purchased 3 new windows from Home Depot to fit the opening. Each window is 48″ tall, 60″ wide and were $168/each (listing here).

There was a bit of drama getting them home but thanks to Jan and a borrowed truck I got them in the garage:

I hired a guy to help demo the old windows and screw in the new ones. I took us about 4 hours total.

Here’s the original window and frame in the living room (adjacent to the front door). The lovely green trim was in good shape but I wanted a different style.

After demoing the window frame, pulling out the panes and pulling out the metal frame:

You can see in the picture above that there’s a bunch of gunk at the top (under the trim) where the bugs and debris burrowed down the panel gaps. Here’s another look at the panels surrounding the guest room window:

Speaking of paneling, the old gutters on the side yard had long ago rusted through and damaged the siding here:

This is under the office window and you can see the AT&T line goes into the room here. So we also took off the siding and replaced it.

The drywall and framing was in good shape so it was pretty simple to nail in the replacement T1-11 in two pieces and then caulk all the edging.

All done:

The frames were simple, each includes four 2×4 lengths with mitered corners. Here’s how the living room window looks after adding the trim, caulk and outdoor paint:

After priming the new piece of paneling on the side yard I found a few other places where the wood was unpainted so I’ve been touching it up here and there as I go. There were some older cords still nailed up around the house that were disconnected so I’ve been pulling them down and dealing with random nails, hooks, screws and such on the siding.

Next up are the 3 windows in the kitchen! Only about $400 to purchase plus the cost of caulk, wood trim and nails.


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