First home project of 2017

While I’m still finalizing a master 2017 plan, I knew what my first project of the new year would be and began to work on it right after new years. Since it’s been raining non-stop I had to improvise my workspace and moved the miter saw into the guest bathroom in an effort to control the dust.

I started in the hallway:


As you can see it’s lined with the Lynas runners from Ikea which are ideal because they are low to the ground and don’t cause you to trip, are cheap and clean up easily.

After picking up a ton of quarter round at Home Depot it was time to start fitting, even around that odd corner where the entryway curves in.

Note: when you’re on your hands and knees with trim and a pencil you will notice how dirty the walls are (thanks dogs!) and you will be tempted to stop everything and clean every vertical surface of your house. Resist. Install trim first, then commence with the scrub down.


I wanted to wait to finish the baseboards and then trim until I finished the built-in so the baseboards could wrap around the whole unit.


After installing the laminate floors throughout the house in 2015, I knew I would need to work on the trim more. After leaving gaps for the floors to expand/contract due to weather I kept having dirt and dog hair fall in the gaps and it was driving me nuts.

The process is pretty simple, just line up the trim, mark the end where it should be cut, VACUUM THE SHIT OUT OF THE FLOOR, cut the trim, install with a nail trimmer. The most time consuming part is cleaning at the baseboard, I swear.

Once it’s all installed you can return with caulk for the nail holes and joint and then paint to match the baseboard. I’ve already finished in the hallway, living room, dining room and started on the master bedroom.


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