8 hours starting… NOW

I was up early this first Saturday in 2017 to take Wilson to the vet. It’s raining pretty steadily so not the most fun way to spend my 7:30am but he’s good for the next year and was able to warm up in the car thanks to a nest of blankets.


I take the car in for repairs in 9 days + the house is a bit of a mess so I decided to make this an 8 hour get-shit-done, finally clean the house, finish trim, be productive and go to bed exhausted work day.

It’s almost 10am (don’t ask what I did from 8am-now, I think I was in a stupor) which means I can work through to 8pm, factoring in 2 breaks for lunch and dinner.

Once an hour or so I’ll pop back in and share what I’ve been up to. For reference, during the week I managed to get the quarter round trim installed down the hall and in 2 sections in the living room, leaving me with 8 more sections to finish the living room. Currently Jackson is sitting on his bed in the middle of the living room while the dachshunds are making a big nest on my bed to stay warm.

First up: some basic cleaning because before I add more chaos I better start with a clean slate.

10:35am – I’ve mostly focused on the kitchen for this first little burst, filling the sink with water to soak the dishes and filling up the dishwasher. I cleaned up the spice cabinet, put some food in new containers, took canned goods and extra jars out to the garage, hung up the dog leash, put away food, put out the recycling, moved the toilet paper in from the garage, put away new pillows, cleaned out and put away my purses, cleared off the kitchen table and started washing the bigger pots and pans.



and after:


Not too bad for 30 minutes!

The other side of the living room is still pretty bad:


Yes, I am watching Star Wars while I work.

11:30am – I stopped for a bit of lunch before continuing to work and found a sticky stain on my table so I cleaned that up as well. Started putting away the toilet paper in 2 bathrooms, installed 1 piece of baseboard (which is gonna need a lot of caulk!), washed a couple more pans and started a pot of water, apples, orange rinds, cinnamon sticks and cloves on the stove to make the house smell good. That’s on a simmer now and I also need to roast some veggies in the oven. Thankfully all of these things will also keep the house warm and toasty while it’s raining outside.

2:15pm – well it’s been a little slow as I catch up on emails but I also installed the trim around the living room. I just need one more bigger piece of baseboard to finish up!

(Okay, while I was working here I also had to rest for awhile after feeling like crap. Just about ready to finish the quarter round in the living room and ran out of baseboards! After a quick trip to Home Depot I’m back in business and finishing up)

By 8pm Saturday a lot was done! The living room baseboards and trim were installed and furniture all moved back into place and I set up the saw in here for future cuts. The table has been mostly cleared off and I started sorting through papers from the office I need to organize and file.

It’s challenging to keep the floors clean with the dogs in and out and constant rain but the runners are catching a lot of it. Next week it’s the trim in the bedrooms!


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