Building again

So it’s the weekend again and this time I’m covered in sawdust, there’s tubes of caulk on the kitchen table and no fewer than 4 types of screws waiting to be used. I’ve got the clamps out and I am just about to bring the second saw into the dining room, further adding to the chaos and dust flying around.

And it makes me so excited.

I mean, it’s nice to get yard work done and see the outside transform and painting is always a quick and easy transformation but building something is so cool. I’ve learned a lot over the years but am mostly self taught. While the tables I made for the master bath were way too wobbly and ended up in recycling, the potting bench in the front yard is still holding up well:


and the bed frame I build is super sturdy:


Even the raised flower beds are still doing well, now filled with plants:

Back yard 2013_07_16 (19)

So all of those projects gave me confidence for this new one which is bigger and more epic and even more expensive than the others. I spent another $90 at Home Depot today and we haven’t even started on the caulk, wood filler, paint or trim yet.

Since it’s getting cold outside as Fall truly arrives it feels good to work inside and get sawdust in my hair.