12 Final Things from August

It’s hard to believe that August, and therefore summer, is over but the calendar doesn’t lie. Before we transitioned into Fall I had a productive couple of days working mostly outside to get shit done. Here’s my list of accomplishments:

1. While the sugar maple tree came out last November, the stump was still about 2-2.5′ tall and 2 other big sections of the trunk were hanging out in my side yard, taking up space. Here’s what it looked like before:


So Dad arrived with his chainsaw and took it all the way down to the dirt and now I’m working to remove the rest of the dirt and roots to make this box even with the grass and sidewalk:


2. We also took out a medium palm, see the small one in the photo above? There was a second small one in this box a few years ago so I transplanted it to the patch of dirt under the garage window but it quickly grew too big. Bye-bye palm.


3. To keep the garden going in the drought, I’ve been watering sporadically while pulling out the plants I hate and want to die. So I bought 2 hose hangers for the house. We put one in the backyard:


and one in the front yard:



4. Outside the front door I’ve always had this lattice covering the beams that bridge a gap in the roofline. Which was a pain because birds could get up in the rafters and make a nest and the lattice was sagging heavily. So we took it down.


Now when I walk out the front door it’s nice and bright!


I may still add something decorative there but first need to clear out the gutters up there and probably replace them with new.

Here’s the bird’s nest I found:


(Note, I’m going to be doing something fun with the lattice so it won’t go to waste!


but until then it’s taking up space in the side yard so I can pull out 1,000 nails.)

6. The next thing we did was so simple but made a big difference to me! When I bought my washer and dryer last November they went side by side until I could have Dad fix the gas line. Then we stacked them with the dryer on top. The only problem was the washer door swings open to the left, the dryer to the right. With the right drill bit and some patience, the door hardware was swapped so the dryer door now swings open to the left and I can quickly transfer wet clothes up to the dryer!

In case you’re wondering why I want them to swing left, it’s because the soap and softener are on a small shelf to the right of the units.

7. As I mentioned in the last round up, my miter saw had been smoking and wasn’t cutting cleanly so it was time for a new blade. I picked one up on Amazon and then Dad found a replacement at the swap meet for my table saw. In a couple minutes he had both of them traded out and even took the old one to be sharpened for reuse. Now I can bust out the rest of the baseboards and a new project coming up this fall! Look at that shiny blade on the table saw! No more rust is a good thing.


8. With the new blade in place, I was able to cut the cleats for my headboard and get that installed! I’m so glad it’s done:


9. Super simple but been on the to do list too long task: Got the propane tank refilled and hooked up to the grill and immediately rewarded this achievement with steaks on the grill for lunch. The grill is now hanging out on the side yard now that the stump from the tree is gone.


10. It was also time to disassemble the raised garden bed I put under the guest room window and recycle that wood. I had to unscrew the supports but then it was pretty quick work to cut up the wood and put it out in the trash.


11. In the front yard I took some time to clear off the potting bench, wash it down, scrub it a little and then wash it again. I do need to slap on some Thompson’s water seal but that could come later on.


Although it seems like I’ve been spending all my days outside, this really was a productive week of catch up after a hot and icky summer. Inside most of my projects are done so there’s not a whole lot left to do week to week.

12. This year I finally got my ducks in a row to enter photos in the county fair:
Fair Photos

and I brought them home the Monday after the Fair + 2 ribbons!IMG_1424



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