12 Good Things

I started this list a few weeks ago but things have been so active around here I didn’t get a chance to post it. These weeks feel a lot slower, for some reason, so tracking what’s new and good and accomplished is always helpful.

1.I pulled out the outdoor fabric I’ve been hoarding saving for years and started cutting with an 18″ square template. I started matching up fabric and soon had 4 pillows:

Front Bench

2. After cutting, pinning, sewing, flipping, stuffing and sewing closed the opening they were almost done. I picked up this “never wet” fabric spray and gave each side a coating. Here’s how it works in real life:

Cool right? These pillows are now hanging out on my bench and I have a couple more indoors.

My strategy for years has been to buy ugly outdoor pillows at the end of the season and then recover them with nicer fabric. So I’ve been cannibalizing the innards and tossing the old outer fabric which is mostly faded and horrible. This has helped me seriously reduce the pillows floating around in my garage taking up space!

3. The super soft burp rags are stilling rolling along and I have a box ready for cousin Katie who just had her first last week and am busting through the designs for cousin Micah who is expecting his first in August. (Update: sent both boxes out and Micah’s son was born last week!)


4. In the stash of outdoor fabric I found the extra that I bought to match my kitchen curtains (which are now all lined, hurray!) and used it to cover the kitchen rug. This also got a coat of never wet but I might need to apply a heavy coat of Modge Podge since the fabric is a bit loose.


5. Last weekend I finally brought in the piece of plywood I cut for my headboard and started working. I covered it in a queen sized egg carton used for mattresses that I got pretty cheap at Amazon. Then I layered on batting, muslin and the fabric to match my upholstered bed.


It’s not yet installed on the wall so I’m just leaning it carefully in place until I can finish the cleats.

I know it seems like all my projects have been fabric related but there’s a good reason for that: my saw blade needs replacing.

6. Before the saw went smokey and the bandit, I was able to cut the 1x2s I picked up for my trellis project and then stain the whole contraption.

It was messy. I had dark spotches on my hands for days.

Each support got nailed and screwed together for stability and then I buried them in the flower bed. It won’t withstand a lot of force but it’s working to keep the bougainvillea growing up instead of out.


7. It’s back to school season so I hit a few stores to pick up supplies to donate to my chiropractor who is putting together a drive for a local charity. I found a backpack as well as the usual pens, pencils, erasers, folders and markers.

9. I also found quite a few awesome things for me, namely these cool wood bins which were clearanced for $7 each and are absolutely perfect for storing my finished corn bags that are ready for sale. It’s the little things that make me ridiculously happy. All of the corn bags are now stored in the guest room.


10. Meanwhile, I had to put away the sewing machine for a bit and pull out my poster project. This huge mandala of flowers has been fun to work on and the set of pens I got from Amazon are awesome (and only $8/set!). I’m so close to having this done and then I have no idea where I’ll put it.



11. Taking advantage of our hot days and sun beating in through the kitchen window (now that the sugar maple is out), I made several batches of sun tea.


12. Finally, in August I’ve been trying to get to the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays and one weekend I took Nixon with me for a turn in the convertible.





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