A dozen little things

I’m discovering that most of the work I need to do is the super small, annoying stuff that lingers instead of the big projects. To “finish” rooms I made a long list room by room of all the things that need to be done and I’m checking them off little by little.

Here’s what I accomplished this week:

1. Finished installed the front door transition. This one was by far the hardest as I kept having to cut into the boards piece by piece. But it’s secure and looks wonderful!


2. Installed a new shelf in the garage. These brackets were from the shelf I used to have behind the sofa and I just used some spare 1x3s for the shelf. Eventually I’ll get a larger piece of lumber or join them with the Kreg Jig but for now it’s just holding outdoor stuff that’s not breakable if it falls.


3. Hung the air dryer up on the wall just to get a little more room beside the washer and dryer. Luckily this is super lightweight!


4. Installed hooks for the extension cords, although I could only find 1 of the 3 I own…


5. Cut a bunch of spare wood into uniform lengths for a game of giant Jenga. I thought I had so much wood but it looks like I need a LOT more to make a serious tower.



6. Began installing the quarter round trim on the kitchen cabinets. These came up when I installed the floors and the originals are so splintered and crappy I got new ones.


7. Went through all my DVDs and wrote them down in a Google Drive Excel sheet. It’s nice to have everything I own in one place and I also threw away one DVD that wasn’t working and returned a duplicate TV season to Target.

8. Cleared off the front of my fridge. It’s a small thing but feels so much cleaner this way. On the side I still have some cute magnets and the folder for my receipts but it’s otherwise clean!

FullSizeRender 7

9. Purchased a new frame at Ikea for the picture in my bedroom that went crash! boom!


10. Bought 2 cheap pool noodles and cut them with a serrated knife to fit my boots. Now the boots stand straight up in my closet.


11. Hung the chalkboard I made in the garage. I need to pick up some old school chalk to season it but then I’ll probably just use my chalk pen.


12. Stuffed the back pillow from my office Ikea chair with a ton of poly. This one was so wimpy, especially with the dogs sitting on it all the time so I opened up the seams and stuffed until it was more supportive.

FullSizeRender 14


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