Getting Shit Done

What I actually accomplished this past weekend was far more than I thought possible!

  • I painted the back door white to match the new trim:


It needs a third coat to cover the gray completely but I love it!

  • I also worked on the floor transitions, trimming the floor tiles with my Dremel and then chipping the pieces away with a chisel. I secured the metal transition piece in place with liquid nails and then used a mallet to get the trim piece in securely. The only one that needs more work is the front door.
  • The Ikea curtain wire set up in the master bedroom closet was falling out of the wall so I took it down, installed 2 braces and a solid wood curtain rod. It needed to be trimmed down on the miter saw a little but fits great!



  • The closet shelves got a little update when I added another, lower shelf so now there’s enough room for all my shoes (with space for ones I’m wearing at the moment)


  • I also picked up a little tool to cut copper pipes. Since I’m not using the towel rods in the master bath anymore I took off a few inches so this one could be installed inside the cabinet to hold headbands

FullSizeRender 2

FullSizeRender 3


  • Also in the master bath I switched the towel hooks and hand towel rack back – I prefer to have the hand towel right by the sink and it’s easier to hang my robes when the dog water bowl isn’t right underneath.

FullSizeRender 4

  • Speaking of bathrooms, the guest bath got another few rounds of caulk and I started painting the trim. Even though the beadboard comes in white it’s a weird off-white that I hate.


  • I had a piece of MDF leftover from a project (literally cannot remember which project) so I drilled 4 holes in the corners and then painted it with chalkboard paint. That quart was separating so I had to mix it quite a bit and it’ll probably need to be used up soon. Once it’s dry that will go in the garage, maybe as a list of things in the chest freezer?


  • I picked up this big, square, brown pillow for $4 and knew it would be great in my office but needed a cover. Luckily a few weeks back I found a single panel of my closet curtains in Ikea’s As-Is section for a couple bucks. I was able to sew this pocket pillowcase right before my sewing machine needle broke.


  • I took off the pad from this little bench that goes with the desk in the guest room, it had an ugly pink cover. Using the palm sander and Dremel, I sanded off the reddish stain and wiped it clean. Then covered the top with a bright outdoor fabric.



FullSizeRender 5

I’ve also made a handy checklist of the projects I want to finish in each room before I update my house pages (here). Only 3 projects will require me to spend actual money, most are simple updates and I already have all the materials on hand.


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