What I’m working on

In lieu of real updates, I thought I’d share what’s going on around the house to show myself I am actually very, very productive.

First and foremost the door frames are *thisclose* to being completely done. They are all installed, caulked and painted but then, of course, one of the vertical supports on the front door warped and had to be replaced. A few coats of trim paint and they’ll all be D.O.N.E.


Second, while I liked the gray door to the garage before, now it’s driving me crazy. That one will get a fresh coat of white paint as well.

#3 – I am working on the floor transitions (finally!) to the garage, front door and sliding glass door. I’ve been worried about cutting these pieces because they are NOT cheap and I don’t want to screw it up. Bah. I’m doing it. I’ve got to find a better way to secure them though and am trying liquid nails on the metal track that goes on the subfloor. It’s meant to be screwed into the subfloor but my concrete foundation is already cracking so much around the edges.


My currently “almost finished” project is (4), the guest bathroom. I’d already replaced the floor tiles, added a new vanity and skim coated then painted the walls. Now I’m in the midst of trim and all the baseboards are in, bead board paneling is installed and yesterday I got the chair rail installed around the new mirror. Now I just need to fill nail holes, caulk all the seams, paint the whole thing and reinstall the switch and plug covers.


Fifth, while rehanging a picture frame one of the nails came out of the wall and the picture went crash-boom. The glass survived but the frame was destroyed so that’s going on the list to find a new one or build one.

Speaking of building, #6 is I’m taping off the floor and beginning to build the frame for a new dining room bench. So far the plan is a bench along the back wall of the dining room with a hinged seat for storage underneath. Gotta pick up a kreg jig first to make it all pretty and fancy-like. I see many nights of sanding, caulk and paint in my future.

I didn’t even mention the yard because that whole thing is a disaster and a half right now. I need to take old gutters in for recycling, round up the old wood for projects, pull a thousand weeds and take down spider webs, remove a bunch of paver stones, take out a tree stump, pour a new concrete pathway and the list goes on. It’ll be a miracle if it’s done in the next decade.


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