Making over the garage

So there are no less than 4 drafts of this post but they’re so sadly out of date that I decided to just start over.

When I brought home the Caddy last February I immediately lost a LOT of space in the garage, which is fine but puts a cramp in my style when it comes to staying organized out there.

It has also leaked oil, transmission fluid and gasoline on the floor so I had a combo of cardboard and an oil plan covering up the middle of the floor.

So a week ago I sent the car off to the shop for repairs and began cleaning up to remodel the floors.

This involves a lot of moving bins and containers around, sweeping until you feel like crying and then powering up the leaf blower, cleaning up oil spills, scraping paint drops and patching the concrete.


Here’s the west side of the garage all emptied out and about to get washed down. Those grayish white spots are mostly concrete patches and I’ve taped up some plastic tarp around the storage units staying in place.


After pouring on the etching solution and scrubbing it with a stiff brush, I strapped on the knee pads and used a squeegee to get as much water out as possible.

With a fan circulating some air and temps over 90, it was quickly dried and ready to paint.


Once the solution is mixed you have to wait up to 10 minutes before brushing it on, depending on the outside temps.

To prep I made sure everything was moved out, gave one final sweep, set up the roller and long handle, got the sprinkles ready and set the timer.

You begin by stirring up the mixture for a couple minutes because it starts out like this:


Mixing it up is pretty cool though


On the first half of the garage it went on pretty quickly, although I skipped the garage door threshold and the center gap:


And I had not yet painted the concrete footer around the perimeter but decided to go back and paint that with primer later on.

It always looks weird when wet but dries beautifully:


As you can see I didn’t go all the way to the end of the garage where the door rolls down. 24 hours after finishing the west side, I began to move over storage units and organize everything.

My goal was to set up the west side with the storage I wanted and then everything that will go on the east side could be moved over temporarily.

I’d also started caulking the concrete gaps with a special caulk, but some water from the other side diluted the caulk which had not set up yet. That’s getting patched though.


The east side of the garage was easier in some ways, I prepped the concrete footer and taped off the washer and dryer which stayed in place and then started rolling it on in the morning.

FullSizeRender 3

I also need to replace that box which the hot water heater sits on, eventually.

Here’s how it goes:


Now it’s drying and will be 12-18 hours before it can be walked on:


Guess I won’t be able to do laundry. Darn.

It took awhile for me to figure out how to manage the door, I ended up thinking of a solution in a dream last night! I used (4) 4″ square pieces of wood, leftover from the raised garden bed project a few years ago. 2 pieces went outside on the driveway, 2 pieces were inside on the already dry floor. Then, I used a 3″ x 8″ board across the 4″ square blocks to hold the door from coming down.

My garage door is like most and will come down unless there’s an obstruction in the way. So I disengaged the automatic open feature and closed the door by hand, very slowly, so it would rest on the boards.


Don’t you love those sprinkles?

I still need to do another coat of primer on the walls so it doesn’t look so patchy and then finish up the window frame.

On this side of the garage I’ll have one storage piece and the old butcher block in lieu of a new work bench. Then, hopefully, I can bring the Cadillac back in, drip free and shiny just like the new floors.


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