Progress in the Guest Bath

I’ve been working all month in the guest bath after coming back from Toronto and it has been a long haul.

There was a long flight from Canada and I love flying over the Rockies:


Pretty soon the landscape evened out as we flew into Sacramento:

Blog pic 2

After more rain the drought ridden yellow fields are finally turning green and I love it.

In the last post I described all the materials I bought to skim coat all the walls in the guest bath. After many, many passes I was absolutely done with the mess and the dust. Every time I walked out and down the hall my footprints would follow in white dust.

Bathroom 1

After the dust settled I wiped it down with a micro fleece damp with water and let it dry.

Then came the primer before I painted.

Bathroom 2

As you can tell the bathtub became my storage ground, thankfully it’s now cleaned up with everything put away.

Bathroom 3

You might be able to tell in this pic the paint doesn’t cover well so I did 3-4 coats on all surfaces so it wouldn’t look streaky.

I decided not to replace the door frame inside the bathroom so it would match the master bath.

Now that the painting is done (and drying) I have a short list of things to do to wrap up the remodel:

  1. Reinstall the fan cover and air return
  2. Hang the mirrors
  3. Add the globes back to the light fixture
  4. Reinstall the plug and light switch covers
  5. Hang the shower curtain

I do still have the trim and beadboard to install, just like I did here in the master bath:

Just like in the master bath I’ll do the baseboard (which I’ve purchased and just need to cut to fit), bead board 4′ high and then the chair rail.

I will also need to remove the toilet and pull out the sink and cabinet to install bead board behind it.

As a reminder, this is what it looked like right after installing the cabinet last Spring:


At least now the wall is much smoother after taking out that old counter top & the fugly frog on the wall.

I’m so close to being done!

In between working in the bathroom I have refocused on the door frames and am just about done with installing those. I still need to caulk some of the seams and finish painting.