Bathroom Progress

It’s been awhile since I worked on the guest bath aka the hall bath. Last August I took out the cabinet and counter/sink combo and replaced it with a new one from Home Depot.

In April of last year I finished up the master bath, specifically working on the trim and painting the walls blue. Now it’s time to finish up the second bathroom.

Based on my goals for the year, the first thing I had on the list was to skim coat the walls. After taking out the super long countertop which was glued to the wall:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 5.16.24 PM

Across from sink was a giant plaster frog on the wall:

de frog

I also replaced the towel bars so the places where the brackets were removed from the wall were pretty messed up too.

So I picked up dry wall joint compound and grabbed my trowel to cover up those textured walls. Here’s what I purchased:

Joint compound:

Joint Compound

Sanding screens:

sanding screens

Sanding block:

sanding block

Mud pan:

Mud pan

4″ putty knife:

joint knife

In the beginning I just smoothed on the compound little by little to fill in the low spots in the texture, sanding roughly in between coats. The first gallon was “quick drying” so I could do 2 coats in a night. But now that I’m nearing the end I’m using a thicker compound. In this picture you can see the white over the beige paint where it’s filling in. On the bottom right there are 3-5 more coats smoothed out and dry – the top right is still drying.

texture 1

Another shot:

texture 2

I’ve kept the screws in the wall for the mirrors and just worked around them, but here I’m just waiting for the compound to dry so it can be sanded.

The last bit that I need to do is around the bathtub which is both high on the wall and in the corners which means I have to balance on the bathtub while holding the mud pan and scooping the compound with the putty knife. Awkward.

The only thing I’m not skim coating right now is the ceiling because I’d really like to avoid getting joint compound in my hair.

I’ve already removed the baseboards and purchased one packet of trim.

After the walls are smooth I will prime then and then paint the walls blue to match the master bath.

Bathroom 4-30-2015 (14)

Then I’ll buy the bead board to cover the walls and the baseboard and chair rail and install it.