Mid-month master update

The other day I mentioned that clearly it should be 2018 already because this year has been so busy and it’s only the 16th! Yeeash.

At home not a whole lot has happened. It’s been raining a lot which is great but also annoying for the dogs who want to go outside and run and play a lot more than they currently do. The potting bench gets water logged a bit as the runoff from the roof collects in various pots and bowls so I’m pretty sure that when I get free time on a dry weekend everything will come off, I’ll scrub that down and then use Thompson’s water seal and maybe stain it as well.

The tree that came out in November is still hanging around, I need to pick up a hand ax and start getting the smaller branches into shorter pieces so I can get rid of them quickly. Considering contracting a handyman/gardener in the next few months to grind down the stump and do some other projects in the front yard.

I continue to declutter, right now all the clothes and stuff I am giving up is hanging out on a chair in the dining area to go to Goodwill. I do have a goal of 100 items this month + 300 papers from the office so if I can get that done I’ll be happy.

Business wise is where I’ve been the most busy; after a full day of shopping for my photoshoot and many hours on prep, dry cleaning drop offs, packing and planning I went to San Francisco this week for the shoot and, despite the rain, had a great time. The dogs have been behaving and tolerant of my trips which continues next week when I go down to the Bay Area for a wedding.

We also launched a new workshop that included a training video, new website, sales page, Facebook group, all new graphics, PDF worksheets, new email sequences and a lot of little details. Thankfully that’s live now and I run the workshop at the end of the month.

Still working on my book which goes to the editor in a week and needs a lot of writing to finish up the story and then I’m sure a lot of rewriting too.

I should be back once I have progress on some of the projects that are pending around the house, waiting for my life to slow down to normal pace.


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