January Goals

It’s January 2nd and I’m already looking forward to February.

This month is going to be an incredibly busy one for me, mostly because I have several big projects to accomplish which means less downtime and relaxation and more work to finish. The pressure is definitely on with a photoshoot, book to edit, launch to finish and workshop to teach plus my brother is getting married, I have 4 new small groups starting next week and 2 websites to finish.

Tonight I’ve been tackling the office by going through a ton of papers and sorting them into the appropriate place. I can’t wait to sit down with the scanner and get all my 2015 bills scanned so they can be shredded. The box for shredding is nearly full so it’s just about time to power up the shredder and give it a workout.

Also today I dropped off a donation at Goodwill – 46 items out the door. I am working on letting go of all the paper and stickers from scrapbooking (that I don’t do anymore), some of the journals I’ve collected over the years and clothes, always clothes to donate. There’s also more vases in the garage that I don’t need, a lot of baskets and bins and such and office supplies to use up or get rid of quickly.

The biggest goal this month is turning the first draft of my book over to the editor. It’s incredibly nerve wracking because of all the things I’ve written over the years, I have never let others read the finished product. Tomorrow I have half my day blocked off to edit this manuscript and I’m really looking forward to having it published and available for sale – nerves be damned.


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