2016 Master House Plan

I’ve been thinking about creating a list like this for awhile and the new year seems like a good opportunity. It’ll include my house and yard plans as well as some future planning as I think about turning the house into a rental.

Let’s start in the kitchen, aka the room that’s most under used. With the dishwasher finally working well and a new fridge there’s not much I need in here.

  • Fix the faucet or replace it with one that has more clearance
  • Get the counter tops re-sealed
  • Add trim around the cabinet base
  • Fix the curtain hangers so they don’t fall off the wire

Dream goal:

  • Replace the stove/oven


The dining room is probably going to experience the most changes, if I get my way (I always do).

  • frame out the door to the garage and paint
  • reconfigure the garage light switch
  • Install new outlet and move existing outlet
  • Install built in dinette and bookshelf
    • build a built in bench 6′ long
    • create a countertop along the back
    • build a bookshelf 8′ tall across 6′
    • add lighting
    • trim and paint the entire contraption
  • Reinstall baseboards
  • Paint base of bench and add cross supports

In the living room I can’t think of much that needs to be done but I would very much like to replace the two green arm chairs with a big leather stuffed chair. It’ll be low on the priority list but I still want to think about the seating situation.

  • Add 2 new feet to the couch (in the middle) stained to match the others
  • Re-finish the dresser (possibly paint)
  • Replace green arm chairs

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 7.13.32 PM

The guest bath is looking better after replacing the sink and cabinet but I have more work to do here than in any other room except the dining area. Here’s the dream list:

  • Skim coat the walls
  • Paint the walls blue
  • Install a can light in the shower
  • Trim out the door
  • Sand and re-paint the tall cabinet
  • finish replacing floor tiles
  • remove the baseboards
  • install new baseboards, bead board & chair rail



Dream goal:

  • take down the shower surround and re-tile it with subway tile
  • upgrade the faucet in the bathtub

In the office I’ve been working the last few weeks of December to arrange things better and get a handle on paperwork but it’s a never ending struggle. At the very least I want things to be really organized.

  • finish trimming out the door and paint the frame
  • trim out the window with a new frame and sill
  • replace the window
  • organize all of the papers, boxes and binders

The guest room has actually had a lot of changes recently as well with furniture moving around and some organization but there’s always more to do.

  • finish trimming out the door
  • find a runner/small rug for the guest room
  • recover the desk bench with a new fabric
  • create a pad and cover for the window bench
  • add feet to the window bench to raise it up
  • work on fabric projects to use up material

My master bedroom is looking good but there are a few small changes to make around the bed. While I like the new frame I built last summer, it’s a bit too low to the ground. While good for the dogs to jump up, it’s been harder on my ankles since the fall.

  • finish the trim on the door (hallway side) and paint
  • find a solution for the bed frame to raise it up 12-24″ higher
  • make a headboard

Dream goal:

  • replace the sliding glass door with a single french door to the backyard

Thankfully the master bathroom is one space that needs very little after I finished it earlier in 2015. Right now there’s just the dream goal:

  • re-do the shower
    • take out the shower surround
    • replace the floor pan
    • tile the walls with subway tile
  • recycle the door and install a shower curtain

The backyard has some goals for the new year to make it more useful:

  • take out the corner patio and save the bricks
  • take out the raised garden bed under the guest room window
  • take out the back door patio and walkway to the side yard
  • build a new patio outside the back door with access to the side yard
  • install a water barrel on the gutter downspout
  • take out 2 dead rose bushes
  • make minor fence repairs
  • reseed the lawn

I’ll do a separate list from the back yard for the side yard because it’s growing like crazy!

  • build a trellis around the bougainvillea to support it growing up and over the raised garden beds
  • keep the lantana from taking over
  • make space for the lawn mower and garden tools (protect from the elements

Now, the front yard… with the tree out I still have a lot of work to do:

  • haul away the rest of the wood from the maple tree
  • grind down the 2 tree stumps and take out prominent roots
  • remove the palm tree (attempt to re-root in the front yard)
  • take out 2 orange rose bushes
  • get rid of the bricks around the old tree and level that flower bed
    • replant the lily growing in that box
  • build a fence out to the front of the property
    • add a gate to the end of the fence
  • fix the walkway up to the house
  • take down the patio cover over the front door
  • replace the gutters along the side and front of the house
  • install new downspouts to divert water
    • add water barrels
  • plant a tree in the front yard

Finally, the garage, another space that has had some improvements lately but is not quite done

  • install new can lights throughout the garage
  • paint the floor when the temps are within range
  • finish trimming the window, caulk and paint it
  • reconfigure the wood cabinets
  • move the food pantry
  • get the holiday storage bins up on the walls
  • build a new box for the water heater

Dream goal:

  • add a water softener for the house

Then I have a couple of whole house changes:

  • Add quarter round to all baseboards, re-caulk and paint all trim
  • Install and secure floor transitions for laminate flooring
  • Choose color and paint the exterior of the house

Dream goal:

  • install crown molding in every room
  • replace ALL windows with new, more efficient models and trim them out

Should be easy, right? I’ll keep telling myself that.


Mid-month master update

The other day I mentioned that clearly it should be 2018 already because this year has been so busy and it’s only the 16th! Yeeash.

At home not a whole lot has happened. It’s been raining a lot which is great but also annoying for the dogs who want to go outside and run and play a lot more than they currently do. The potting bench gets water logged a bit as the runoff from the roof collects in various pots and bowls so I’m pretty sure that when I get free time on a dry weekend everything will come off, I’ll scrub that down and then use Thompson’s water seal and maybe stain it as well.

The tree that came out in November is still hanging around, I need to pick up a hand ax and start getting the smaller branches into shorter pieces so I can get rid of them quickly. Considering contracting a handyman/gardener in the next few months to grind down the stump and do some other projects in the front yard.

I continue to declutter, right now all the clothes and stuff I am giving up is hanging out on a chair in the dining area to go to Goodwill. I do have a goal of 100 items this month + 300 papers from the office so if I can get that done I’ll be happy.

Business wise is where I’ve been the most busy; after a full day of shopping for my photoshoot and many hours on prep, dry cleaning drop offs, packing and planning I went to San Francisco this week for the shoot and, despite the rain, had a great time. The dogs have been behaving and tolerant of my trips which continues next week when I go down to the Bay Area for a wedding.

We also launched a new workshop that included a training video, new website, sales page, Facebook group, all new graphics, PDF worksheets, new email sequences and a lot of little details. Thankfully that’s live now and I run the workshop at the end of the month.

Still working on my book which goes to the editor in a week and needs a lot of writing to finish up the story and then I’m sure a lot of rewriting too.

I should be back once I have progress on some of the projects that are pending around the house, waiting for my life to slow down to normal pace.

January Goals

It’s January 2nd and I’m already looking forward to February.

This month is going to be an incredibly busy one for me, mostly because I have several big projects to accomplish which means less downtime and relaxation and more work to finish. The pressure is definitely on with a photoshoot, book to edit, launch to finish and workshop to teach plus my brother is getting married, I have 4 new small groups starting next week and 2 websites to finish.

Tonight I’ve been tackling the office by going through a ton of papers and sorting them into the appropriate place. I can’t wait to sit down with the scanner and get all my 2015 bills scanned so they can be shredded. The box for shredding is nearly full so it’s just about time to power up the shredder and give it a workout.

Also today I dropped off a donation at Goodwill – 46 items out the door. I am working on letting go of all the paper and stickers from scrapbooking (that I don’t do anymore), some of the journals I’ve collected over the years and clothes, always clothes to donate. There’s also more vases in the garage that I don’t need, a lot of baskets and bins and such and office supplies to use up or get rid of quickly.

The biggest goal this month is turning the first draft of my book over to the editor. It’s incredibly nerve wracking because of all the things I’ve written over the years, I have never let others read the finished product. Tomorrow I have half my day blocked off to edit this manuscript and I’m really looking forward to having it published and available for sale – nerves be damned.