November mini-update

As usual the month of November is moving along far too quickly as I’m once again writing for National Novel Writing Month and writing 2k words a day on top of work means that something has to slide. Usually cleaning the house 🙂

Still, I’ve been mighty impressed with myself this month in a few areas. For one, I continue to go to the gym 3x a week to work with a trainer. A few of the routines were seeming a bit easy so I started doubling up. Monday and Friday I do a full arm and shoulder workout, then meet the trainer for lower body (squats, leg lifts, step ups, etc). One Wednesday it’s the back routing with things like deadlifts, twists and such. We’ve been steadily increasing my weight per set so by December we’re going to rotate to a new set of workouts so I don’t plateau.

(And as I am adamantly against the gym selfie there are no pictures here. It’s sweaty and no pretty, trust me.)

Second, I’ve been keeping the kitchen in clean-ish condition, mostly by putting away all the dishes as soon as possible. With cooking more at home I often have pans, bowls and cooking trays which just take up a lot of room. There might be 5 things in the sink but it looks like it’s overflowing. Keeping the counters cleared off is another big one for me (although I have a ton of ingredients out right now for cooking).

One weekend I was able to do a big batch of ground beef from Costco which I then ground with boiled onions for enchiladas (add a little sauce, cheese, salt & pepper, roll in tortillas with a black olive. yum.) and used the rest of the beef for taco salads.

I’ve also done chicken breasts, mashed potatoes and gravy (cold weather comfort food ftw!) and pretty much have a revolving door of roasted zucchini, peppers, carrots and onions in the oven. I did a little baking for a party I threw last weekend but I’m also planning on making a couple pies for the freezer.

This weekend’s plan is homemade meatballs, a new potato soup recipe and cleaning out the fridge of old stuff.

The dogs have been pretty well behaved as much as I’ve been working or writing, they’re all napping right now so it’s temporarily quiet.

Oh! Right, the thing I meant to write about…

I distracted myself there for a moment. Today as I was lounging in bed having weird, weird dreams I started thinking about the hundreds of things I needed to do around the house. So I decided to count as I went, hoping to get up to 500. Basically it’s a game and every single thing you do can count.

  • take out the trash – 1
  • straighten up the couch – 3
  • sweep up the hallway – 1
  • put away the cups and bowls from all over the house – 8
  • add receipts to my shoeboxed bag – 6

Each action counts as 1 so if I have 6 receipts that means add 6. It’s amazing how quickly the little things add up, I’m at 122 and have only really been working for an hour but that includes loading the dishwasher, making the bed, cleaning up my bathroom and clearing out a few hot spots around the house. I know I’ll be able to easily get to 500 today and then I’d like to do another 100 every day next week to maintain it.

Now, granted, I could toss junk mail and get to 100 instantly or rake leaves and find myself at 10,000 but it’s much more fun to count bigger tasks as 1 or 5. You don’t have to be throwing things away either, putting away a hairbrush or hanging laundry works too.

Next up I’m coming for the garage and trying to get my clothes washer to work properly. It likes to stop mid-cycle because it thinks the door lock is off and then stops. I’ve been trying to get one load finished since Friday! It might be time for “the talk” – you know the one, “if you don’t behave I’m going Black Friday shopping to replace your useless ass!”


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