Random Cleaning Tips

I’m not too big on cleaning tutorials because, well, I don’t spend a ton of time cleaning! But I’ve had a few recent wins that I both wanted to share and document so I don’t need to return to Pinterest the next time I need a recipe.

First up was the oven which was looking pretty gross, especially the window. And, I didn’t realize until I started cleaning but the surround was also black and looking gross. With the oven completely cold, I used a wet Magic Eraser to scrub at the nastiness and after a couple of minutes it started to clear up. Here you can see the difference from the before:



I still have some more scrubbing to do but it’s so much better!

Ever couple of months I get fed up with looking out mucky windows and decide to clean up the glass on my windows. To start I make a big batch of cleaner:

  • 8 cups of warm water
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 2 teaspoons of blue Dawn detergent

It all goes into a bucket mixed up and then, using a scrubbing sponge, I scrub the window to get the hard water stains off.

Now, here’s the best part… I grab a squeegee and microfiber towel and clean a 1″ strip along the top of the window. Using the towel, I dry the squeegee and then run it vertically down the window, drying the squeegee between each pass. According to my extensive Googling, this is called “keeping a dry edge” but it really does work to keep streaks off the window. I don’t have great pictures of this one but trust me, it’s awesome.


Okay, last little cleaning tutorial and it’s one that I do a couple times a year. Since my AC is useless, I keep cool in the summer with desktop fans – 5 of them. They pretty much run constantly, one in the office, dining area and living room and 2 in the bedroom. Of course they get nice and dusty with all that use I clean them every couple of months – or once mid-summer and again before they get put away for winter. They’re very dirty:

IMG_7220I take the fans apart piece by piece and put them directly in the sink and I usually manage to get the dust on myself. Using a sponge and running water I’ll clean off the blades and front and back piece.




One thing I didn’t do until this summer was to clean the body of the fan. Think about it… where does the dust come from? It’s sucked in through the back of the fan and can muck up the motor unless it’s cleaned out. Using a can of compressed air, I clean around the motor and try to get all the dirt out from a few different angles. Here’s a before:


And after:


Thankfully the small straw for the canned air fits in the back of the fan pretty easily.

I wipe down the rest of the fan before drying everything and reassembling it. Or, at the end of the season, putting the fan into its storage box.

Okay, last cleaning tip! If you have icky hard water like we do here then you know how frustrating it can be to keep anything that has regular contact with your water clean. This includes faucets, shower heads and toilets. As a result there’s a nasty looking ring around the toilet bowl that regular scrubbing won’t touch.

Enter my secret weapon: drywall sandpaper.

It looks like this:

and comes in a pack of 10-12 long sheets for about $9, you’ll find it at the home improvement stores near the drywall mud and tape. I cut off a small section, one for each toilet and don some cleaning gloves for this one.

Here’s a look at the typical ring ’round the toilet bowl:

After a couple minutes of light scrubbing I simply flush the toilet and toss the sandpaper. It looks much better:


I’ve heard that the sandpaper can dull the shine of the porcelain but I honestly don’t care at all. Not only do I doubt anyone is examining my toilet for its shininess but I am also not scrubbing hard at all to get off the surface stain.

I’ll do this every month or so when I notice the stains are back so the pack of sandpaper should last me a couple years.

There you go! 4 of my cleaning tips for your casa.


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