Productivity, I’ve missed you

Since returning from Mexico I’ve been going non stop in the business and thus a non-start with the house but all of that changed today when I got a good amount of items checked off my to do list. Here’s a recap (because I’m damn proud!):

  1. Cut back bougainvillea bush – this sucker was absolutely taking over the corner of the side yard and it became problematic when I wanted to walk by. Since I’m getting gutters replaced on the side yard Monday it was time for a good trimming. And now I can see it better to devise a lattice of some sort so it’ll keep growing up and over!
  2. Move the grill to the backyard – since I don’t have a good home for the grill right now it’s been sitting in the side yard blocking traffic. I unscrewed the propane tank and moved it to the grass for now, again for gutter install.
  3. Sweep the side yard – with cut branches, dirt, leaves and dog poop, the side yard walkway was looking pretty nasty. So I got most of this junk up and into the green waste trash can (before filling it up with bougainvillea cuttings).
  4. Empty the extra trash can – I keep a few trash cans on wheels around for yard work but one was sitting under the eaves during last week’s rain and filled nearly to the brim with runoff water from the roof. Using a spare trash can I dumped 5 or 6 loads of water on the roses in the front yard before dumping the rest on the dying grass.
  5. Pull Caddy out of the garage – since I don’t have a lot of space to walk around in the garage when the car is pulled in, Saturday is an ideal day to get it out in the driveway so I can work a lot faster. I put the top up (so I can get it out if it rains) and Wilson and I went for a coffee. I like to get the car out weekly if I can so it doesn’t sit and stagnate. I know cars don’t work that way but still, I like driving it.
  6. Empty the box in the garage – throughout the week I keep a box on the hood of the Caddy and fill it up with things I find around the house that need to be put away. Then, once a week, I empty it and clean the garage up as I go.
  7. Finish sanding the old kitchen table – this one is about 90% done so with a little more work on the apron it’ll be finished. Mom wants this table for her sewing (it’s bar height) but the finish was scratched, there were some gouges in the side and I’d gotten glue on the top in a few places during a project. But now it’s sanded down smooth to the wood so she can re-stain, keep it natural or paint it from here.
  8. Put away the fans, bring out the heaters. Ever since Daylight Savings Time last week it’s been much too chilly for fans, especially at night. So today I cleaned 3 of the fans and put them away in the garage and brought in the first heater. I will probably end up with 3 in the house (bedroom, living room, office) but need to keep cleaning as I go.
  9. Bring candles into the house – one of the problems I’ve noticed is that now that my candles are in the garage I procrastinate on grabbing the tea lights for the mantle when they burn out. So I snagged the big bag of loose tea lights and put them in the living room so I can easily light ’em up. I probably have 200-300 so I should be burning them every night.
  10. Catch up on laundry – 3 loads are done even though my washer is being tricky and I have to unplug it to reset before each new load. I’ve got another load of blankets and sheets to do and then it’s time to bleach my down comforter (after Nixon got blood on it).
  11. Batch cook something – I picked up a big pack of beef at Costco this week so after browning it up, half went into the meat grinder with 1-1/2 white onions that had been boiled. This meat made the base for 2 sheperds pie dishes and the rest will get some cheese and sauce to make enchiladas for the freezer. I’ve also got the chicken and ingredients to make tikka masala which I’ll attempt on Sunday.

And here are the tasks I didn’t get to but have on the calendar for tomorrow:

  1. Re-hang picture above the couch
  2. Add new prints to canvases
  3. Rearrange frames in the hallway (add hangers to the backs)
  4. Sweep the master bedroom really well
  5. Vacuum the Toyota and clean the interior
  6. Take donation to Goodwill

Whew, it doesn’t look like much written down but it was definitely a full sort of day around here. While I was mostly offline I did pop in to answer a few emails.


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