After a week in Playa del Carmen relaxing on the beach and 11 days in Tulum for the retreat, I was on my way to Cancun for some decompression time before heading home. I knew that as soon as I landed back in the States it was going to be full on for the business launch so a bit of a break was badly needed.

I returned to the same resort I stayed in my first night in Mexico and to review, it is gorgeously situated on the peninsula between the ocean and the lagoon:


the morning light was especially beautiful in the sunrise:


but, per usual, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in the resort itself. The first trip was an all day excursion to Isla Mujeres, a small island north of Cancun. Overall it was a really awesome day, we took the boat out from the lagoon to the ocean and had the chance to relax on a private beach before lunch.


There’s something so relaxing about sitting under the palm trees on a weekday…


After a little while those interested in snorkeling got back on the boat and swam about a mile up shore along the reef. The current was flowing in our favor so it wasn’t too exhausting.

We returned to the beach house for lunch and then a couple more hours to enjoy the kayaks, play in the ocean and relax. The pier was especially beautiful and you can see the hotels of Cancun in the distance:


Of course I had to get a panoramic shot:


Not too bad for a day at the beach!

Later in the afternoon we took the boat to the north end of the island for a few hours and were able to roam, shop and explore the downtown area. It’s rather small but I was able to find a few things. I also sat down for drinks with a family from Scotland that I’d talked with during the snorkeling tour.

After such a long day I was happy to get back to the resort and go to sleep early. I can’t recommend much in the way of restaurants because, on average, I’d eat one meal a day since it was so busy.

Waking up at the resort was always a treat, just walking down the open air hall to the ocean in the morning was a treat.


The day before I left I had a little more adventure planned with another parasailing adventure and then out to a different reef to snorkel.


Unfortunately, I didn’t really enjoy that parasailing adventure as much due to the very unbalanced “harness” which was really just a bench you sat on flying above the ocean so when I got back to dry land I needed some time in the clear blue water to recover.


On the last night in Cancun, I decided to try out the Captain’s Cove restaurant across from the hotel on the lagoon side and I am so glad I did. Because the sunset was incredible.


I kept leaving my food at the table to go out to the patio to shoot because the sky was so beautiful.


And the reflection on the water was amazing.


Okay, one more.


I left the next morning before the sunrise and I can’t wait to go back in a few months!


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