Update to my projects list

Well my self-imposed deadline of Sept 15th has passed and the big list isn’t quite done. 19 out of 30 projects made it on the blog which leaves me another 11 to finish up. I could fill this space with excuses but I don’t care that much. Here’s a recap:

  1. New shelf + cable management solution for the desk
  2. Flexible lighting solution in the hall closet
  3. Storing books
  4. Medicine cabinet overhaul – I just completed this Sunday
  5. Organizing the guest bath cabinet
  6. Hanging TVs on the wall + hiding cables – halfway done because the bedroom TV is giving me trouble
  7. My new kitchen table + chairs – can’t wait to show this to you! 
  8. New pinboard for the office
  9. Planked wall
  10. New chairs for the office and guest room – no reason except cleaning spaces before taking pics takes time! 
  11. Curtains and shades updated- I wanted to have 2 more shades hung before blogging but that might take awhile
  12. Pegboards in the garage- is kinda useless until I get the workbench set up better. coming soon
  13. Storing wood in the garage for projects – while this is done it is pretty boring which is demotivating 
  14. New Cadillac, Old Garage
  15. Organizing paint for touch ups- an old project now holding old, some bad, paint
  16. Update on the raised garden beds 2 years later – sadly I tore out a lot of plants last month so the beds are recovering
  17. Covering up stains under the kitchen sink
  18. Shoe shelves in the master closet
  19. Organizing travel samples + luggage
  20. Updating hardware on the desk
  21. Sewing case makeover
  22. New privacy film on the garage window
  23. Bookshelf overhaul
  24. The guest room floors
  25. Gallery wall from Instagram prints
  26. Laminate floors through the hallway, closet and entryway
  27. New door frames
  28. Potting bench
  29. Sewing projects – I sewed a lot of things! 
  30. Rugs: Living room, kitchen, hall and office – will be on the blog as soon as I clean the kitchen rug really, really well

While I fully intend to keep blogging about these project, big and small, I’m also just really proud of how far the house has come this last year. I have been slowly upgrading to more permanent pieces that are good quality and fit the space a lot better. I do have some plans for the last few months of the year but nothing is decided just yet.

For now I’ll be taking a couple weeks off blogging and soaking up the last weeks of summer!