Closet Revamp

A lot has changed since I last posted about my Master Bedroom Closet back in 2013. While I really love having the white walls, gray shelves, updated lighting and track system for the curtains so much more has changed.

This post details the new baseboards, paint and lighting. 

In the second post I shared about the organization, shoe shelves and the clothing boxes.

Here’s what the shelves looked like back then:


Closet 2

and here’s what the main part of the closet looked like:

Closet 5

Here’s what has changed:

  • new laminate flooring in the closet
  • built out some shoe shelves on the left side
  • stacked up book boxes on the right side
  • added a basket for sandals
  • organized the red storage unit

Now, I could drag each of these out in a separate post but I don’t have time for that. So here we go…


I already shared a blog post about how I prepped and installed the flooring in the master bedroom here but as you can see, it really does make the whole room look bigger.


After the floors were done I began to reinstall the baseboards and then restock the closet.

On the far left of the closet I installed supports along the walls and then laid shelves across (just simple 1x4s). While I didn’t plan on it at a time, this created the perfect spacing for my shoe shelves.


Underneath the shelves I have an old basket from Ikea for flip flops, sandals and shoes I’m too lazy to put away. This accounts for the majority of my shoes, I do have some boots up on the upper shelves but pretty much everything fits in here.


And tucked in the back is a red set of drawers, also from Ikea, which has belts, some gloves and all of my travel sized toiletries:


I won’t give a drawer by drawer account because: boring.

I like that I can easily pull out the drawers to restock my toiletry bag before a trip. Of course the laminate floors help with that.


The right side of the closet is now filled with my book boxes (that I shared about here) which leaves plenty of room in the middle for hanging clothes.

On the top shelves I still have the fabric boxes for my pants, winter sweaters and bed sheets.

The other obvious change from 2013 is that the curtains are new, to match the mellow yellow wall color (recapped that change in this post)

All in all, I love how functional my closet is and the storage it provides. It may not be a huge, walk in closet with custom shelving but it does the job.


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