Updating the Guest Bath

When I started the challenge to blog all the projects I’d been working on, I promised myself not to start new projects.

Of course that didn’t happen.

So in August, while I was dog sitting for my parents, I got the desire to finally do something about the cabinet in my guest bath.

This one:

Bath 4-4-2015 (02)

The problem is simple. The sink and countertop are one continuous piece and stretch allll the way along the wall. Which I dislike. There are also stress fractures in the bowl of the sink.


So after shoring up my confidence with a few YouTube videos, I turned off the water valves, unscrewed the faucet, then the P-trap, and began to wiggle the counter top loose.

I won’t lie, it was a pain in the ass and seemingly glued to the wall. But I got it out and soon it was chilling in the living room:

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 5.16.24 PM

Next up was the cabinet. After removing the doors, I used my hammer and crowbar to bust it to pieces and it came apart pretty easily.


I tossed all those pieces outside and turned back to the empty space:


Obviously when I installed the floor tiles back in 2013 I did not go under the vanity so it was a good chance to use up the spare tiles I’ve been hoarding saving.

First I did a little patching due to a crack in the concrete and then primed the subfloor. Putting down the new tiles was easy enough, although several of the adjacent tiles needed to be replaced. There’s just one more tile left to replace that goes right up to the toilet which will require a little more work.


Once the tiles were in it was time to bring in the new cabinet. I’d picked it up from Home Depot and got a few of the workers to set it carefully in the backseat of the Cadillac. With some blankets to protect the frame and seat it was fine. My neighbor across the street helped me move it out of the car and into the garage.

Here’s the vanity and sink on the Home Depot website.

bath cabinet

The whole cabinet was leveled and then got screwed into the wall studs.


Since the sink on this unit is off center there was a difference of 5″ which required a new p-trap. I also replaced the drain flange with a piece that included a new sink plug.





Since I was reusing my newish chrome faucet, I took the time to really clean and polish it up. It did need the filter to be cleaned out since we have such hard water that it’s easy to get clogged up.


If you’re confused, or would like a very basic sketch up of how this plumbing works, this site and diagram is a good place to start.

One problem I had is that the water supply lines were all sorts of cramped and barely reached up to the faucet.


They were also leaking so I hired a plumber to come in for a couple hours to replace the lines and upgrade the drain extension to position the p-trap better. Money well spent!

Once that was done I could secure the counter by adding a bead of clear construction glue and carefully setting the counter in place. In order to get it plumb against the cabinet I had to take off a long trim piece from the tall cabinet so I’ll need to re-sand and paint that piece.


One thing I love is the drawers which give me shallow storage for bath items so they don’t get lost in the deeper cabinet.

Top drawer is perfect for washcloths:


Middle drawer is soap, matches and small glass jars with tweezers and nail clippers:


Bottom drawer has hand towels:


One last tip, when I was working on the cabinet I took off the doors so I could easily get to the plumbing components and my tools a lot easier.


Here’s a final shot of the new cabinet:




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