Desperate times…

Okay, I’m just a few weeks away from my self imposed deadline to blog about all the projects on this list so I can catch up and keep moving with new projects in the house. Except I’m wayyyy behind because I never seem to blog twice a week or with any sense of regularity, really.

So where do I get stuck? Primarily when it comes to photographing the finished project, uploading those pics to my computer and hitting publish.

Of the 30 total posts I wanted to share I’ve finished 16 of them – which to be fair, isn’t bad, but also means I have 14 more to do.

Therefore desperate times, desperate measures.

For the month of September, and starting now, I’ve blocked Pinterest and other time-sucking sites from my computer. I’ll be completely off Facebook unless I’m working specifically in the groups I mentor.

And, this is the big sacrifice here, I will be wearing shoes. All day long. It’s something I need to do now anyway with the ankle braces I got after my fall in July. With wearing tennis shoes all day I am more easily able to do small chores around the house, run out to dump trash, work in the backyard and it feels more like “work mode.”

While I can’t take off time from work just to focus on blogging (ha! what a dream that would be), I am giving myself time to take the photos and finish up those posts I wanted to do.

Here are the ones I hope to finish by Monday:

  • bathroom cabinet
  • storing spare pieces of wood
  • organizing shoes
  • luggage + travel size storage

See the full list here. And wish me luck.



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