Where did all the books go?

A few years back I had floor to nearly ceiling bookshelves in the office, dark green walls and a ton of books:


and then I decided to remodel the room and in an effort to make it lighter I sold all but one of those bookshelves; I haven’t missed all the space and took the chance to drastically downsize my collection.

Although I still have plenty of books, I decided to box up the series that I don’t read frequently and only keep out the ones I read and reference regularly. At some point I might add built in bookshelves to the guest room but until then I like having them organized.

To start I picked up a few dozen book boxes from UHaul and then I organized the books as much as possible, to keep books from the same authors together. I boxed up 17 boxes and to keep it all straight I typed each of the titles, authors and series numbers into an Excel spreadsheet.

I designed each page to be just one sheet when printed and then put a copy in each box. The top of the box was closed with clear package tape and a bright Post-it with the number of the box.

(Here’s a copy of that template if you’d like to use it yourself)

At first the boxes were stacked in the guest room closet but it was taking up too much space. After some consideration I moved all the boxes to the master bedroom closet since the deep alcove is hell on hanging clothes. The best part is that I can fit them 2 boxes deep and 17 boxes doesn’t take up the whole space.


I do have a few build projects on the horizon for the books I did keep – namely those in the living room but that’s for another post.


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