down the hallway we go

Last time I left off on the saga of the floors I had just finished the guest room and run the laminate floor boards across the hall to the threshold at the office.


You can see the oh-so-classy laminate tiles that were in the hallway. Their only redeeming feature was that it was incredibly hard to see dirt because they were also impossible to clean.

Once I started down the hallway I knew that I wanted to get to the end which of course presents a problem… you can only lay a board out as far as the previous row is laid. Which meant I needed to go all the way through to the living room in order to get 5 boards wide in the hall.

Here’s the view from the master bedroom when I started:



As you can probably tell I’ve removed all of the door frames and baseboards before putting down the underlayment.

By the time I got the boards through to the hallway bathroom I could go into the closet. Here’s a reminder of what it looked like after I took out the carpet to add laminate like the bathrooms, added some lighting and used up sample paint to make a colorful striped wall:

DSC_0001 copy

And, with movie magic, after the new floors were installed:


p.s. I changed up the lights here too and the rope LED light is super bright. See details here.

In this next pic I’m standing in the living room looking back down the hall with the front door to my right:

pic to rotate


In order to finish row 5 in the hall (which is the left most row in the pic), I had to take the boards into the entryway where the front door swings in.

Yes, this is the other side of my odd wall in the office if you’re trying to orient yourself.

So in order to get those pieces correct I needed to cut the entryway and lay that down. Here’s what it looked like laying out those boards:


As you can probably tell I needed to take out the carpet in the living room and prime the subfloor. Since the furniture in here had nowhere to go I would literally remove 3′ of carpet at a time and prime as I went.


It was slow going but eventually I got all the rows in and secure, some with multiple angled cuts so… that was fun. Unfortunately I didn’t leave enough of a gap for the transition strip by the front door so I did have to go back and trim it back.

Now of course I thought I’d do the hallway and take a break but once you start taking out carpet it just makes sense to finish the job. Next time I’ll detail now I did the biggest room (living and dining), those annoyingly precise cuts around the fireplace and backing up into the kitchen.

But here’s a finished view of the hallway (with only a few door frames that need to be finished):

hallway finished

and with my runners from Ikea to keep the dogs from slippin’ and slidin’:

hallway runners




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