Car vs Garage

So back in February I bought a new old car. This one:

new car

And one of my biggest question marks was how it was going to be stored. With the soft top I would rather have it indoors and rather not pay a monthly storage fee.

So the weekend it came home it was time to find out the truth.


  • Car is 19′ long
  • Garage is 20′ from door to door

Yeah, this was going to be fun.

I’d been cleaning out there for awhile, moving around stuff, consolidating, giving away stuff I no longer need or use and generally making a mess.

First I worked on the Library sale wardrobe that I picked up a couple years ago. As a reminder it started off like this:


It’s gone through several transformations over the years but at this point I have taken off all the doors, the center glass panel, painted it white, removed the back panel (which was falling apart) and filled it with paint, vases, candles, cleaning supplies and all kinds of project supplies:


As you can see it was fitting rather easily to the right of the door going into the garage.


The car wouldn’t pull in all the way. #wompwomp

So everything came out (again) and it moved to the wall here:


There’s still room atop the cabinet for some shelves, as soon as I repurpose that light and hang it on the ceiling. It came down from the kitchen when I installed new can lights. As you can tell I like to maximize vertical space in here.

And another look at this wall:


I’ve continued to clean up this side, moving around some pieces but for the first week or so it worked! The car fit! But with the car pulling in so closely the screen door no longer worked as it would swing out just a few inches before hitting the car.

So I took it down but kept up the brackets in case I’d like to hang it again someday.

There’s about a foot of clearance between the front and back of the car and I’d much rather have an extra inch in the back so the garage door doesn’t hit my trunk. Which means there’s very little room around the front to walk.

BUT I can still walk around and there’s several feet of space on either side. So much so that the doors to the car can open almost fully. 

Of course when you open the door to the garage all you see is CAR but I’m so grateful that it fits and is easily protected from the elements. Also, if I park well enough I can easily back it out past the Toyota without having to move out of the driveway.

Now, there was one little incident when I pulled in too  far and actually dented the drywall (no real damage though as I was going 2 mph) so I’ve rigged up a tennis ball on rope so I won’t pull in too far.

Overall I’m super happy that the car fits and isn’t too much of a space hog that I can work around the garage on projects!

I do have more garage updates coming, namely how I am storing wood from projects, a new window frame and what’s in all those shelves. Stay tuned.


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