Crash. Boom. Ow.

Do you ever charge full speed ahead into a project or week and think “I’m going to conquer the world!” only to find that life laughs and knocks you on your ass?

Welcome to my week.

I’m sharing this because I get annoyed when bloggers go quiet and then spout some line about being soooooo busy, as if no one else has responsibilities. Plus I’m going to be spending many, many hours in bed.

While I wish I had a heroic story about chasing a robber, saving puppies from the river or running a marathon to cure cancer the real way I ended up injured and bed bound is this… I opened the front door and fell on my ass.


Just landed right on the cute outdoor rug I am so thankful protected me from more dirt, bugs and the concrete. But don’t be fooled, it wasn’t a cushion at all. Immediately both of my legs were aching and my ankles began to throb.

Here’s the closest approximation I can give you of that moment:



Except more tears.

Realizing I would not be putting the garbage cans out to the curb as planned, I crawled, yes crawled, back indoors and made it to the living room rug before I had to lie down. I was wearing a light sweater which I threw off as I was now in pain, hot and dizzy all at once.

Not a good combo.

I continued to crawl to the kitchen where I found a bottle of water in the fridge, took a drink and passed out. Lovely.

After coming to I realized Nixon was outside barking, my alarm was going off, the phone was on my nightstand and I still couldn’t walk.

So I found an ice pack, another water bottle and some carbs in the form of a tortilla and slowly crawled back to my bed.

The rest of the day is a little fuzzy but Mom came to the rescue with more ice packs, a walker and drove me to the doctor for x-rays. Thankfully nothing is broken or fractured. Unfortunately both ankles are sprained badly and there’s also a nice little gash on the top of my right foot.


The dogs don’t know what to do. Wilson tries to get really close and then licks the ice packs. Nixon just jumps on me as normal and Jackson gives me sad eyes and whines a lot.

We did manage to borrow some crutches, do laundry, get my grocery shopping done, cook a bunch of food for the week ahead, I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted and am loaded up with pills to manage the pain and inflammation.

Bonus: my new pimp walker (which belonged to Grandpa Truitt) fits my laptop so booyah:


With the walker I can get in and out of the bathroom pretty well, down the hall and navigate the kitchen. The front walkway is a challenge as it’s been pushed up by tree roots but I take it slow.

All this to say that my projects are going to be slowing down since I can’t get on a ladder for several weeks and Mom moved all of my work supplies to the garage where I can’t reach them.

But I’m counting my blessings. No breaks which means quicker healing, I can now bathe myself while standing like a flamingo, the house is mostly wheelchair friendly, I have plenty of food and drink options, the internet means I am never alone and you know I have enough movies, books and music to keep me entertained for years. 

So even though this is going to be my view for the next week or more, I’m doing just fine.



7 thoughts on “Crash. Boom. Ow.

  1. Glad nothing was broken. Take this imposed time to rest up. You will be knocking those projects out before you know it.

  2. Yikes!!!! You hurt both your ankles?? That had to be incredibly painful… Did you cry?

    My mom did something similar a few days after you actually. The funny part is we were just discussing broken bones and sprains the day before… lol willed it to happen I suppose. We were taking boxes out to store in the shed. We got everything done and was going to go inside for the day. I was sitting on the porch and she was coming out of the shed and she closed the door, ended up looking down at her watch and BAM…. Being distracted she forgot about the second step few feet away from our shed. Her right foot stepped down on the side of the walkway and on the grass. Her ankle rolled inwards, popped and she slammed the concrete knee first in shorts… She cried… hard. My mom is usually really tough but that was bad. I asked if she was alright and she rolled over hugging her foot and knees and yelled out “I broke my ankle! … get your brother.. now.. please hurry!” and started crying. In a panic I ran inside and got my brother he came out yanked her shoes off and moved and twisted her foot painfully. Poked and prodded and tried to assure both of us that it was just a sprain and no ambulance was needed. He scooped her up off the ground and literally carried her bridal style into the house to ice the foot until my dad got home with the car…. Xrays later it was just a bad sprain and no break.

    I hope you’re ankle is healing up nicely!!! Sprains don’t look like too much fun…

    1. There was definitely crying but first lots of cursing and crawling and pain. I can totally understand where your mom was coming from, it felt like my ankle had to be broken or fractured with that much pain. x-rays for me too to be sure!

  3. Uhg, I imagine I’d be too… That’s how my mom usually reacts as well. Last sprain she cursed and laughed and could walk on it. She said basically the same thing. Said that when she fell and tried moving her foot the pain was so intense and getting worse by the second that she thought for sure her ankle was badly broken and the only thing she could do was cry like a baby. It definitely scared me too! Same with my brother. My mom isn’t big but she isn’t small either so I was surprised my bro was able to carry her up the porch stairs and into the house. My mom is terribly embarrassed over it but hey he saved the day! haha

    How is your ankles doing now? They any better?

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