What’s Next?

The week leading up to any trip I take is so focused I wish I could bottle it for later. I’m usually running around like crazy but the house ends up super clean, bags are packed (although I totally left my workout pants at home this trip. boo.), fridge is cleared out of mystery food and the yard looks amazing.

There’s no time for projects because I’m usually cleaning up from the last three.

Case in point, before leaving for a week in Canada I was still putting away bits and pieces from the door frames, scraps from finishing the laminate floors and transition pieces and even some finishing pieces I bought for the new potting bench. Little stuff gets finished too like fixing the curtains in the kitchen which are always coming off the hanging wire because I yank them too hard and putting the DVDs I’ve watched back into a case.

I scrubbed the bathtub, people. That never happens.

But then, once I get home and empty my suitcase, throw a load into the washer and start to enjoy the clean and organized house I’ve returned to the bad side of my brain acts up. The side that says “let’s get out the sander and go to town on those door frames” and “I bet you could paint the fireplace in a day, max!”

It’s chaos being in my head all the time and yet, I have a dozen projects I want to start. Nevermind that I have another dozen and a half projects to blog about as I’m tracking here.

So I’m using the quiet time this morning to sketch out plans for the garden which is in desperate need of some trellises, thinking about how to sand and stain the dresser in the living room, trying to determine the shape for my new headboard, glaring at the door frames which are still unfinished and wondering if it’ll take a long time to tear out a patio.

As far as what’s next around here, it’s anybody’s guess but I might need to bribe myself in order to finish up the baseboards and trim work before busting out a new project…

Spoiler Alert: I painted the fireplace. And I love it.


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