Cords are part of life. Deal with it.

One of the odd things about the internet in general, and Pinterest in particular, is that it makes us envious of things we didn’t know we needed and embarrassed about things we weren’t insecure about before.

Of course I mean those 6-pack abs and people who design beautiful cakes and traveling to exotic locales. But if there’s one thing no one should be ashamed about and try to “resolve” in their life it’s cords.

I get it, every magazine would make you believe that things run on magic and unplugging is so hot these days. And yet my computer is surrounded by cords. I’m hard wired into my DSL line because it means my webinar connection won’t go out mid-call. My external monitor has a connector and while I now use a USB hub it’s full up with my mouse, keyboard, printer, scanner, cooling pad, SD card reader and speakers. I need these things to function. If I had to haul my printer out of the closet every time I needed to print it would be a hassle.

Yes, I know I can buy a wireless mouse and keyboard but I hate replacing batteries which tend to die at very critical junctures in my work flow.

So I’ve got some cords on my desk. Even *gasp* a lamp. And I’m cool with that.

What I really needed was more desktop space because having a ginormous desk isn’t enough for me.

I inherited this desk from my grandma and it’s in decent shape:

2014-02-08 office 05

But when I replaced the floors I was thinking about how I could install a shelf in the corner of the room for my printer. The next day when I was scoping out some wood panels at Home Depot I found 2 gems. I already shared about my awesome cork board here. But I also found this MDF shelf covered in a laminate for $5. It measures 2’x4′ and I brought home 3 because I immediately knew what I would be able to create.

Instead of a mounted shelf I made piece 1 the top, piece 2 the back and piece 3 the supports. By cutting piece 3 into 3 sections it provided a ton of stability and was installed in a way so only the pretty side faced out.

2015-05-14 (07)

I predrilled the holes and used 1-1/2″ screws to secure it all together. The support pieces were cut a bit short so I could add felt feet to keep the wood from scratching my desktop.

The back piece also got cutouts for cords with my jigsaw. At first I cut them too small so I needed to widen the holes to fit everything through and then sanded it down a bit.

2015-05-14 (09)

Look how much I can fit on and under this shelf now:


One of my favorite things is that with the new USB hub I can have lots of things plugged in at the ready and it makes work much more productive.

Now, the rest of the room is still under construction here and there, especially going through ALL of my paperwork to determine what needs to be kept, shredded, recycled and scanned.

Now that is the real menace of current homes: the paper. I swear it multiplies. But anyway, as I continue to battle my paper piles and get things organized in the new office space, I will not hate on the cords. These cords bring me internet and power and light and music and I will not banish them for the sake of vanity or Pinterest.


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