Touching up the Desk

In the midst of planning to do the floors in the office I had a few other projects in mind. The first was my desk, specifically the feet which are metal with a brass finish. And very, very dirty.


I started by rubbing them with brasso and then cleaning it off with a rag. Which didn’t help all that much. So next I used sandpaper to get off some of the rust and turned to my old friend spray paint. I picked up this one from Amazon from Krylon – it’s called gold leaf and I first tapped off the 6 feet to prevent overspray. Although the bottoms of each leg has a felt pad like this one, I wanted to keep the legs looking nice.

I wrapped the top of the foot in painters tape and then a scrap piece of paper.


Here’s how they look after a few passes with the spray paint:


I was debating also painting the drawer handles but I don’t mind that they’re silver though I might change them at some point. For now I’m glad to have those feet glammed up for under $10!


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